Butler training

The private Peter Island Resort is part of the BVI but otherwise in a World of its Own

The view from on top of the mountain, over the infinity pool. This 22,000 square villa was home for me and classroom for 11 butlers on this private island.


An enjoyable, challenging and productive time training some more smiling West Indies butlers.

During the first week, we started to receive various reports:

taxi drivers telling the General Manager how the guests were talking about the training on the way to the airport, based on their experience with the butlers when they left the training for the day and went back on the job;

other staff wanting to know when they could also do the training;

a mystery guest visitor from a famous association who noted how good the service was of one of the trainees;

a travel agent, doing the same.

These are all good signs, but what floats my Ferry boat is the trainees talking about their lives changing, not just their job performance, based on the understandings and skills we provided.

Peter Island has a blog with a photo of some of the recent graduates.