Turnkey Services

ButlerFineArtIf the time has come to enjoy butler service at your private estate, or the hotel, resort, hospital, retirement home, cruise ship, etc. that you manage, you may not want to be distracted with the hundreds of elements required to make that level of service a reality.

The Institute can provide turnkey butler service on a project basis.

We start with an initial consultation to determine your needs and define the desired service; then move to finding, training, and apprenticing the personnel. We’ll set up the space, equipment, lines of communication, and SOPs (standard operating procedures).

We’ll take the butlers through the successful public launch of the service and provide Quality Control of them thereafter.

For a complimentary e-mail and / or telephone consultation, please email or call 1-813-354-2734 or 1-727-565-2145.


“A huge ‘Thank you’ for training us all on how to be a butler—a very informative and interesting course. Thanks also for all your help on the brand standards and SOPs.”


“Mr. Ferry did a fantastic job of forwarding a four-week curriculum and communicating his needs ahead of time. He was very available to review the daily events in the classroom and had the ability to change his teaching style and schedule to fit the needs of the resort–an ever-evolving thing at our resort.

The curriculum itself was very well orchestrated…we dedicated three or four days to just speech, posture, observation, etc., and this alone was worth the price of admission. Mr. Ferry did an excellent job in drilling this reserved ‘persona’ into our associates. The material he provided added much to the final outcome and is still used as a guide by our butlers. Especially helpful were the checklists and the description of how butlers should behave and act. Mr. Ferry was very hands-on during the second part of the course: not only did he have the challenge of training the staff, he had the added pressure of writing and implementing SOPs to document the training. Some of these SOPs required quite a bit of discussion.”