Hospitality Training

Butlers have represented the pinnacle of service quality for centuries. The more astute owners and managers of hotels, hotel condominiums, private villas and resorts have recognized this over the last several decades and instituted a hospitality version of butler service.

Increasing numbers of hospitality venues are following suit because the standards of service, in a service-based industry, require them to meet rising guest expectations.

Where do the pioneers with butler service go next? How do those without butler service implement it?

The answer is easy: after an initial brief consultation, you can proceed with training, apprenticeships and quality control, as well as innovative programs that leverage the earning power of butlers.

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Specific Institute programs that are available through seminars and courses:

  • Butler Persona
  • Basic Butler Skills
  • Advanced Butler Skills & Services
  • Butler Apprenticeship
  • Etiquette & Protocol
  • Butler Managers Training
  • Training the Trainers

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Additional benefits:

  • Increased rack and occupancy rates from word-of-mouth and repeat visits.

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The Institute is a Founding Partner of the International Luxury Hotel Association and the Alliance of Professional Butler Trainers (

For a complimentary e-mail and /or telephone consultation,  please e-mail us. We are happy to help clarify your training needs and suggest options for a winning training program.

Feedback from satisfied clients

If we have not touched and changed the lives of our students, we have fallen short; for nobody is born a butler and becoming one requires a change in point of view, attitude, expectations, and mindset that reaches beyond the professional life of our trainees.

“Thank you for the amazing training. ‘He who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten.’ Thank you for sprinkling your knowledge over us and making us sparkle even more.”

“This training was fantastic—it changed my perception of the guests and even daily life, helping me to focus on situations and details. It was not a boring training session, but more like talking to each other and sharing experiences, which I loved. The trainer is a kind and friendly person, a legend.”


“This is the best training I have had in my 16 years in the hotel industry. It was great fun and we all fell in love with the trainer.”

“The best training I have had, the way the trainer explained everything and gave examples, it made it easy for me to learn.”

“The interactive approach to the training meant I increased my knowledge and improved my skills in servicing guests.”


“The trainer was by far the best—there may be people with the same knowledge, but a different matter is knowing how to present the information when teaching: The key differentiator is the passion for teaching and sharing the information, and that Amer Vargas has.”

“The trainer goes into details on each and every subject…this was the first training that did not make me sleepy.”

“The trainer explained each and everything, never giving up on anyone who didn’t get it. The training was very helpful for my career and future.” MR

“The trainer made us comfortable learning and the training was fun. I will use these skills in my life.”

“The trainer explained everything so well that it was very easy for me to understand. He answered all our questions and cleared up our misunderstandings.” AR

“One of the best trainers I have ever met: His knowledge, experience, and humor made me increasingly interested in learning from him. He is also a kind-hearted person. The whole class was very interesting and everyone contributed to doing the drills and to the class as much as they could.”

“The trainer was the best: He knows how to train and make perfect butlers.”

“The trainer comes down to the same mindset as the students to bring them up, understanding very well how to get along with the class and motivate the students.”

“Everything was beyond my expectations and absolutely fantastic: The teacher has amazing teaching skills—patience, listening to others, communicating information in a very unique way that we can digest easily—the best lecturer that I have met in the hospitality industry.”

“The trainer is an expert in the field and full of wisdom, not just providing all the theories, but also profoundly explaining what it is all about. Patience, so much patience, really helpful and understanding.”

“The trainer was so thorough and detailed in everything he taught us. I realize how different and amazing this training was compared with other butler training I have received. He was so enthusiastic and never left anything undone. There are so many people who know the trainer but who have never met him nor had the opportunity to be trained by him: It was a dream for me and it came true.”

“The trainer is one of the most creative people I have ever met, knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful.”

“The trainer explained each and every situation in his coolest way, patient in explaining when we did not understand. It was fun, I loved the role playing with laughter.”

“I have been to a lot of training, but this is totally different—you can’t find it anywhere else —it is not just training.”

“I“ was never bored during the class.”

“A very engaging trainer who covered a range of topics that appealed to everyone: The training was motivated and refreshing, and many elements of my life, both at home and work, can be improved as a result.”

“One of the best lecturers I have ever met—very clear in every explanation, very helpful lessons, new things learned, I had a wonderful time and I am glad I had the chance to participate.”

“I have learned a lot about emotional engagement, how to apply it to guests, as well as in our social life—the training was fun and the trainer made sure we had a clear picture with all his explanations.”

“Mr. Vargas proved to be a knowledgeable, patient, and passionate trainer and the feedback from the students couldn’t be better: In fact, they have all been united in their view that both the theory and practice classes were very interesting and exceeded everyone’s expectations. They have a renewed confidence in their skills and now know which areas they should develop individually, not only at work but also in their personal life. Our team members learned new communication and interpersonal skills that will no doubt allow them to meet every guest’s expectations in wow’ing them. It is indeed a joy to watch how engaged and involved they all are, contributing in excellent ways to the everyday operations, constantly interacting with their teams and briefing them on ways to improve and develop their service delivery. In summary, we are truly honoured to have had Mr. Amer Vargas as a coach. Thank you for inspiring the team!”


“The training was both very dynamic and instructive.”

“The course changed my work performance for the very best and the instructor was well prepared and knowledgeable: he couldn’t be any better. He not only taught in a very clear and pleasant way, but he also listened to the students and commented on our judgments.”

”All the examples presented were very clear. The instructor’s passion and love for what he does flowed over us.”

”The training was excellent and enriching, not only from a professional point of view, but also from a social and personal point of view—indispensable for anyone whose duty is to perform personalized services and surpass clients expectations.”

”A human being can’t really hide passion, and yours is simply over the top.”

”To be very honest, Mr. Ferry is such an excellent trainer, very empowered to deliver and share all his knowledge—one of the best training sessions I have ever attended. Usually, theory classes are kind of boring and sleepy, however, I did not even become bored, and never wasted a single moment, instead, listening and understanding everything being taught—especially new ideas on how to handle very tricky situations and guest complaints. Now I know how to be comfortable handling guest issues.”

”The trainer is like a mini-Google.”

”I am so grateful to be a part of this informative training. The trainer gives attention to each one of us and everything we say—we felt important. I loved all of the training, especially the EQ skills and lifting people’s emotional levels. I strongly believe this will benefit me for the rest of my life, both personal and professional. Thank you so much for explaining it in a way that we understand.”


”Mr. Budi is an absolute genius & well experienced in his teachings. What is more impressive about him is his humbleness and listening to whatever we have to say and always providing positive but realistic feedback. His knowledge is impeccable and I am very inspired.”

“The training I received from the Modern Butlers Institute was one of a kind that I could not imagine existed. I have undergone training with different trainers, each with their own style on how to deliver each topic. Budi is different and good person full of passion in life: He has lots of experience in the hospitality industry to which we all can relate; and the modules from Modern Butlers Institutes are so useful to us in real life.”

“The trainer paid attention to every trainee; the training was not boring but included a lot of practice and games to make the trainees memorize the materials and to keep the staff motivated and interested.”

”Budi is one of the most talented trainers I have seen in my life: He has a very open mind to everyone, is very friendly, talkative, and a good listener. For him every student is important, no discrimination, no favorite person. All are the same for him. I would like to say he is a genius.”

”Budi is the best trainer I have ever had, with a lot of positivity and motivation, and an enthusiasm that goes beyond expectations, explaining every detail. He changed the way I think professionally and in my personal life—a totally positive outlook and new mindset.”

”The best butler course that I have ever done. The trainer exhibited enormous patience when any of us took time to understand, explaining things with examples.”

”I loved the passion and professionalism of the instructor to share his knowledge and the opportunity to interact with him and to be listened to and answered after each question. I really appreciate the mentality of continuous improvement that he implements and the humility and humanity with which he treats everyone.”

”Mr. Vargas knows how to keep all the participants eyes wide open.”