On-site Training—Private Estates, Jets & Yachts

Most employers appreciate their employees and embrace continued training as the way to improved service.
We recommend that you review the Institute’s offerings below and select the most appropriate for your needs to better service your employer (guests, clients, customers, or patients, etc.).

Even experienced butlers and household managers come away with fresh ideas from these brief seminars or lengthier courses.

Specific Institute programs available:

  • Butler Persona.
  • Basic Butler Skills.
  • Butler Apprenticeship.
  • Etiquette & Protocol.
  • Butler Executive Training.

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Please contact the Training Director for a complimentary consultation. We are happy to help clarify your training needs and suggest options for a winning training program.


“We all want to thank you for the training we received from you on Luxury Service Basics. We would have loved to have you train us in person, but because of Covid circumstances, we were unable to do that. However, with the help of technology, you were able to conduct a wonderful training which was well received by all of us. We particularly appreciated the drills and corrections during the service portion of the program: It takes a trained eye like yours to catch the little nuances of our movements, especially over Zoom—for example, the angles of our bodies and the sounds we were making while walking! You made the training fun with your quick wit and amusing stories that you shared from your many years of experience. We looked forward to the training each week and the hours flew by rapidly. The information you shared could only be known by someone who was in the field, and that is very valuable to us, particularly regarding International Etiquette. All in all, we feel that the training has prepared us to do our jobs more gracefully and confidently now and into the future. Thanks for offering to be available if we have any questions as we go forward. Also, should we find that we need additional training, you are the first person we will contact.” JO’H

“Mr. Ferry worked with an untrained staff for two weeks and taught them to serve guests with varied levels of formality. In this short time, the pupils effectively absorbed his encyclopedic knowledge of running a house and discerning eye for detail. A proper breakfast tray, dressy seated dinner, or raucous cocktail party—Steven Ferry is the Modern (and versatile) Butler authority.” RSG

“The way you teach is very effective; you are very patient, approachable, and communicate at your student’s level.”

“You have a special talent for teaching and it has been a great honor and pleasure to have studied under you. What a learning experience.”

“You have opened my eyes to a different kind of private service.”

“Your book was a refreshing revelation with many inspiring notes and examples. Now, having met the man behind the book, the meaning and enlightenment have only increased. This book will be on my reference shelf for many years to come.”

“The expert, the professional, the experienced man with whom we enjoyed many remarkable days.”

“I would like to send a personal thank you for your excellent tuition last week and for bringing alive so eloquently your book Butlers & House Managers, 21st Century Professionals.”

“It was discovering and reading your book that was inspirational in my seeking to become a butler. Having read it in great detail many times, I found it clear to interpret and understand, and the checklists so clear in organizing various schedules and events.

“The ‘icing on the cake’ for me was being able to meet you in person and experience your book coming to life in the drills and training classes we experienced last week. I now feel confident, in particular on ‘How to Stop a Car Smoothly’ and, of course, ‘How to Tie a Bow Tie!’ I thank you for five informative and memorable days and hopefully we will meet again in the future.”

“I remember my testimonial when I finished the Correspondence Course, in which I said that the Institute would be the best and preferred butler education/training institution. Now it seems to me that this is becoming a reality. Having experienced training on site with Mr. Ferry, my belief is firm that the Institute will continue to grow: what you are doing is not just teaching, but also touching the hearts of the students and bringing them to a different level of understanding—improving the quality of their work as well as their lives. This is really WOW! I am so proud to be a part of the Institute.”

“Thank you for making our classes a pleasurable experience. We appreciate the professional and personal teaching skills. The art of butling is a great challenge, thank you for making it possible.”

“If I have never mentioned it, the butler training that I received truly changed my life: I realize that who I am as a Butler is really who I am as a person.”

Some more typical responses:

“The classes were very informative; I gained knowledge about personal relationships, as well as interacting with employers and guests. We were always engaged in the process; and Mr. Ferry has a great sense of humor.”

“This is the best training that I have ever done. I am looking forward to seeing you again.”

“The most amazing trainer I have ever seen. I want more.”

“I loved the training and the way you teach.”

“Best training ever! You made it easy for us to understand and we had the opportunity to experience (the information) individually.”

“Everything you teach is very clear and easy to understand.”

“This training changed my whole life. The information really works on the job and in life in general.”

“Excellent training again from the Institute.”

“This is the best training I have had in my life so far.”

“Very helpful teacher.”