Spa Butlers

On-Site Training for Spa Facilities

Photo by Gloria Mckelvy
Photo by Gloria Mckelvy

For spas and hotels/resorts with spas, cross-training spa personnel in the smooth social skills of the butler (and cross-training butlers in some of the skills of the spa staff), will allow guests to experience the best of both worlds in one integrated experience.

Beyond this level, however, lies an option for spa hotels/resorts striving for the ultimate level of service and willing to make the investment: the Institute launched the next-generation spa experience, with en-suite spas for guests, and therapists who are also fully trained as butlers to service guests exclusively and with the greatest of discretion.

We invite you to read the following .pdf articles to better understand this concept, how to differentiate your spa and hotel/resort from others through superior service and a seamless experience for spa guests.

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