Corporate Training declared BRAND BUTLER to be the focus for corporations in 2010, confirming that the continued drive by the Institute to export the Butler Mindset to the corporate sector has borne fruit.

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On-Site Training for Businesses

British Butlers of old may seem a far cry from modern- day business success, but when 80% of Americans report an increase in rudeness in business and 58% say they take their business elsewhere when encountering such rudeness, then maybe it is time to do something about it.

When 1.2% of the workforce quits each month, then we have a loyalty problem. When 3.2 million crimes are committed in the workplace each year, we are facing an ethical malaise.

Something can be done to improve the attitude and social skills of employees and staff. Maybe it’s time to ‘Ask Jeeves’ for some solutions in the form of seminars and workshops that draw upon his expertise to look to the past for answers so we can move ahead with greater peace of mind.

E-mail the Training Director about the Institute’s seminars and workshops on:

  • Manners and etiquette in dealing with clients/customers/patients;
  • Employee loyalty to & support of management;
  • Superior communication skills;
  • Upgrading staff service levels with the sophistication and smooth ways of the butler;
  • A more stable, ethical, and considerate workforce;
  • A safer workplace;
  • Increased customer/client/patient satisfaction, word of mouth, and loyalty;
  • Increased productivity and income.

Training that impacts Life, not just Business Success and Relationships

“I used the EQ skills you taught me and it helped more than anyone can understand: During September of this year, I lost my Mom. I was close to her and always looked to her for everything. On the day she began having complications, I knew I would be losing her soon. My emotional level  the day before was between cheerfulness and enthusiasm. The next day, I went into grief and stayed there for two weeks after her passing, slowly sinking into apathy. I thought about calling you and talking about it and looking for guidance to get myself out before it was too late. But I turned myself around and recently have come back into my normal higher state of emotion. The scale really helped me understand how emotion works, how the grieving process will play itself out, and to get back to being the Joe that everyone loves. That time was the hardest time of my life and learning from you honesty helped me through. I thank you for everything and look forward to hopefully grabbing some dinner whenever you are in town.”


A First in the Industry

“As a General Manager working in the retirement industry for the last sixteen years, I have always striven for the best service, healthcare, and hospitality for my residents and their families while continually developing my staff to the best of their ability to provide excellence, thereby setting the standard for retirement living in Canada.

I’ve had the privilege of opening three new residences in Toronto since 1996, with Living Life On The Avenue being in a league of its own: from an owners’ group who continuously think outside the box to a builder and award-winning designer; every detail has been thought of. What makes Living Life On The Avenue exceptional is that the owners went a step further and hired The International Institute of Modern Butlers as part of the initial staff training for hospitality and customer service. This has never before been done in the retirement industry!

The entire team from housekeeping to wait staff to concierge and healthcare staff completed five intense days of training, compared to the 4-hour workshop that usually happens during the pre-opening of a retirement residence.

To walk the talk and open what has and is being marketed as a 5-star residence, you have to put in the time, effort, and desire to set your staff up for success. Without it, we are doing a disservice to the residents.

I have worked in the retirement business since I was a teenager, literally following in my mothers’ footsteps. It’s my passion and my life and creating a resident-focused environment is the ultimate satisfaction where needs are not ever just met but anticipated. The International Institute of Modern Butlers not only helped create that sense of service but also a culture and team environment where the staff are excited to come to work and put their passion into practice.

Thank you to our trainer: our friend, teacher, and mentor.”

Stephanie Regent, General Manager.

“Now I have new tools to provide better service and at the same time, I will get used to being a better person with a new perspective in life.”

“Thank you very much for your kindness and dedication and most of all for providing us with these amazing, life-changing techniques!”

“The course taught me (how) to provide refined service and better engage at an emotional level with anyone and anywhere.”

“I have come to understand that giving service to others really is the key in all areas of life.”

“Great insight and lots of useful information.”

“T“his has been an in-depth look at the intricacies of the butler profession.”