Hosting Interns

For centuries, employers have complained about “good help being hard to find.” The truth is that good help is made by training and apprenticeships, it does not leap ready armed from the doors of nurseries and high schools.

Factually, employers as a group share some responsibility in making the personnel needed for smooth-running households or hotel butler departments.

The good news is that the task just became easier with the concept of internship programs. Sometimes a butler in a private household could use an under-butler to service his employer properly. Sometimes a hotel is looking for under-butlers to bring about the optimum ratio of butlers to guests.

Butler school graduates and other butler trainees make an excellent resource for solving these manpower issues with minimal outlay and with the option of adding an intern, who proved satisfactory, to the permanent rolls.

If you would like to offer an internship, please email us a request with the job description and other requirements, remuneration, and confirmation that the existing butler will act as a mentor to the intern.
The Institute charges a small fee for making the placement and a larger one should the employer decide to offer the intern a permanent position. Both fees combined are less than the industry norm for placements in recognition of the effort by the employer to help recreate what has made the profession the quintessential service provider: apprenticeships or internships..

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