On-site Training – Hospitality, Hospitals, Retirement Homes, Corporate Customer Service, etc.

It has been said that the day we stop learning is the day we quit. Gaining the skills of the British butler can only help you improve your level of service to your guests, clients, customers, patients, etc. and your own value to your employers.

We recommend that you ask your employer to receive some, or all of the training offered by the Institute and mentioned below. In a service-based industry, service quality is the key to guests and customers, etc. deciding to come to your facility. Managers and owners know this, so they may well pay some attention to your proposal.

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Specific Institute programs that are available through seminars and courses:

  • Butler Persona
  • Basic Butler Skills
  • Apprenticeship
  • Etiquette & Protocol
  • Executive Training

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  • Increased rack and occupancy rates as well as loyalty for hotels and resorts;
  • Increased satisfaction and word of mouth for patients and residents in hospitals and retirement homes;
  • Increased customer satisfaction and business for businesses
  • Increased passenger satisfaction, word of mouth, and loyalty for commercial airlines and cruise ships;
  • Greater job satisfaction, security, income, and opportunities for staff.

Please e-mail the Training Director for a complimentary email or telephone consultation. We are happy to help clarify your training needs and assist you in your proposal for a winning training program for your hotel, resort, customer service unit.

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Testimonials from Around the World

If we have not touched and changed the lives of our students, we have fallen short; for nobody is born a butler and becoming one requires not just new hands-on skills but also a change in point of view, attitude, and mindset that reach beyond the professional life of our trainees.

The following many testimonials are randomly taken from thousands of graduates’ feedback and show the appreciation of the training they experienced.

“With a modest 25 years of hotel management experience, I have had the pleasure of meeting many professionals in the trade, and Modern Butlers has always stood out—which is one of the reasons I have engaged its professional training numerous times, and will continue to do so for years to come. They conduct training with a vast knowledge and experience, and combine it with team-bonding factors that add up to a successful team that is delivering memorable service encounters. I have found that the underlining of the curriculum with emotional intelligence and behavioral training gives the team the edge to deliver a service that goes beyond packing and unpacking—and as a result, Modern Butlers has always fulfilled my expectations. Thank you for your continued professionalism—I look forward to the next time we meet.”
Torsten Richter, Hotel Consultant

“I have been in the service industry for a little over nine years; I started as a busser with my company when I was sixteen years old and moved my way up to eventually becoming the Head Butler for the resort. When we first began the butler program back in February of 2014, Mr. Ferry came to our resort and taught me how to be a proper butler. During the course he showed me that there is a scale or gradation of emotions, which I had never seen before. I immediately became intrigued by it and saw the importance of learning and using this tool, how critical it is to the service industry, let alone the butler world.

I began to use the scale on my family and team members. One example was a team member who clearly had a tone of anger; everyday he would come up to me to complain about something. One day, when he came up to me, I switched my tone to boredom towards his reason of complaining; he almost immediately came up the scale. Another example of using the scale was with a guest who is known to be angry and yell about any issue she encounters. During the orientation of her villa, she found an issue and went into a rage. Using the scale, I switched my tone to antagonism towards the issue, and she quickly became disinterested. The emotional scale is the one tool that I believe any member of the service industry should know and learn to use. Not a day goes by in my life that I don’t use it. It has helped me become the butler that I am.”

The successful butler!

“You can’t write or talk about the training quality, you have to experience it. First of all, I am very happy for the new things that I have learned from the first day till the last day. All my colleagues who had this education are doing better. I have learned good things that will influence my private life and job. Mr. Steven and Mr. Budi will be very important persons in my life. They were super in their trainings. I will never forget the things that I have learned and will be excellent in my job. Every hotel must provide this training to be a qualitative hotel.”
Trainee, Antalya, Turkey

“When I decided to take the butler course, I did not know what to expect, although I wanted to broaden my knowledge of hotel butler services and what is expected of a 5-Star hotel. Well, I used to think I knew what 5-Star service was, but I was wrong. My standards and expectations for myself and my co-workers have risen to new heights. The two most important things I learned are the butler mindset and the emotional scale. We practiced the scale so much that is becoming second nature at work and at home. It puts me and everyone around me in a better mood. The butler mindset is something we are putting into practice at work, including talking to guests without overwhelming them and being there to serve them, not be their best friend. The guests feel more comfortable with the butler and utilize our services more. I’m moving up to a management role at work and ultimately training staff. The two things I would like to train all staff on is the emotional scale: everybody should use it, not just the butlers. I would also like to teach staff the basics of the butler mindset and everybody in the hotel to use this silent service so guests can feel more relaxed and enjoy their vacations.”
KS, Vail Colorado

“The little training I received was truly mind-boggling and life changing. I came in with the mindset of ‘I won’t need much training as I’ve been a butler,’ yet I have learned more in ten days than in two years in the field…. I will truly enjoy your return in September.”

“I thought I knew everything I needed to know with regard to Butler Service and was so wrong…. I am forever changed.” DW

“I want to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for all the training and mentoring that I have received over the past three weeks, which has really transformed my life professionally and personally, sending my life and career path on the up and up. This refreshing training course that I have been blessed to experience again has allowed me to really appreciate and be a part of this unique service that I realize only you can offer. I can honestly say that, as my new career begins at this Rosewood property, I am truly confident in my role; and that because of your training and all the information, along with the management and leadership team, will continue to allow me to network and create lifetime memories and greater efficiency in my surrounding areas. I am excited that my mindset and career will only flourish because of your extensive, but much needed and relevant, training. I look forward to working closely again and using the book which is a manual to guide me to excel. Thank you very much for everything you have taught me and enable me to achieved in private service and hotel service as well as my day-to-day personal life.”

“First of all I want to thank Mr. Ferry and Mr. Mitchell for teaching us how to become a real  professional butler; it will certainly help us with our everyday living as hotel butlers as well as in our future endeavors. Our training was so educational and helpful, and yet we’ve had so much fun because I felt comfortable and they were so friendly and approachable; they made us feel free to ask questions when there is something that we don’t understand before we move to the next topic. They give so much attention to our simple concerns in order for us to fully understand the lessons and personal experiences they were sharing with us.”
Hotel Butler, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

“I can only write positive words about the training we received: very clear explanations, even for foreigners, a lot of examples from real life, and videos. We covered a lot of very valuable ground in this training, thank you very much.”
MP, Butler, NYC

“Absolutely one of the best learning experiences I have had. What impressed me the most was the education on the human condition: how to read and respond to emotions and scenarios, and how to apply them to our every day lives. Thank you for this wonderful experience.”
PP, Butler, NYC

“I am so thankful for the training I got from the institute in October. I have been able to deal with challenging guests and even my colleages as well. Many guests appreciate my service verbally and some by tips. But the most unforgetable are the ones who sent Market Metrix of 100% and 98%. It is my hope to enroll for the second stage soonest.”
D.O., Butler, Jeddah

“It has been a little while and I thought you might want to know how we are doing here. Since the beginning of February, my production has skyrocketed (both Number of Nights Occupied and Daily Actions as a Butler are higher than they have ever been before). The guests are really satisfied and most of them are actually wowed. I have received many recommendations and letters of thanks from my guests and they are pretty much raving about their stay.

“Last week, I had a VIP in the Governor suite who arrived VERY upset indeed. I spent a lot of time with her during her short stay and she sent this email after leaving:

“Thank you for the most incredible treat I could have received…most importantly, it was your magical touch that made it so special. When I arrived, I was in a bit of personal turmoil, and by the time I left, I felt like a feather of happiness. It was such a soothing, comforting environment and having you as my personal butler was the experience of a lifetime. My every wish was answered in a flash, you are very expert in so many areas, and you understood immediately what was needed. Your manner exceeds any expectation from the most skilled butler in the world. I grew up in Europe and have experienced top-notch service in world-class hotels, but this was beyond the beyond. It is your being, your personality and kindness that shine through. My only regret is that I could not stay longer!”

“This result is absolutely due to the application of what we learned during the training with you.”

“The Institute delivered an extraordinary training to our butlers, bringing a different way of thinking to the team, being positive and creative in every situation. The most impressive course was Room Service, where we had to use the multiple skills we had learned to organize, deliver, and interact with guests. We are looking forward to the advanced training class from the Institute in the near future.”

“I can only write positive words about the training we received: very clear explanations, even for foreigners, a lot of examples from real life, and videos. We covered a lot of very valuable ground in this training, thank you very much.”

“Absolutely one of the best learning experiences I have had. What impressed me the most was the education on the human condition: how to read and respond to emotions and scenarios, and how to apply them to our every day lives. Thank you for this wonderful experience.”

“I really enjoyed being able to understand the mindset of a butler before learning the day-to-day duties. This butler training has been a great jump-start for our department and given us the needed tools to run a successful Department and provide top notch service…great job.”

“It has been a great experience gaining knowledge on different aspects of management skills to use in our work environment. It will help guide our team members to the next level, working on common goals.”

“By the end of the course, we obtained a lot of knowledge, experience, and training skills. I appreciated highly the enthusiasm and the training methods adopted and the way you successfully transferred your knowledge, experience, and the attitude of a professional trainer to all of us. Hoping to attend further training with you.”

“A very effective training for our current role and future career growth; educates us in every aspect of our professional and personal life. The training had lots of positive effects on motivating colleagues in providing exceptional services to our guests.”

“This is the best training I have ever taken in my work experience, I can apply the knowledge I received from this training for work and for my personal life. I had many missing points in my previous work as butler, now I have completed those missing. The trainers are unbelievable, they gave us the best training!”

“High quality training, with theoretical and practical knowledge. Now I understand the butler mindset, as well as guest expectation from me as butler. The trainers are very good and professional, the teaching style was very good.”

“I did not know anything about butler before, but now I know may things It gives me a lot of knowledge, I believe I can be a butler now.”

“It is very high quality training, well organized! We refreshed our knowledge as well as gaining new useful knowledge.”

“It was great training by expert and very professional trainers who gave us their experience.”

“Now we understood how to be good butler and that this profession in our resort has a very important role and honor. The trainers gave us all they have in very detailed ways both theoretical and practical, very professional. Now I know what the butler should do to make the guest happy and satisfied, I learned a lot.”

“It helps me getting many missing points in order to be good butler. The trainers were magnificent, they are the best in their subject.”

“This was the first training where I wasn’t bored—it had a good quality and was very important for my private life and my career as I learned new things that I can progress in my life. I am very lucky that I had this training. The trainers influenced me: when I first saw them, it excited me greatly to learn things from them that were very important for me.”

“I learned to be a good butler, to evaluate my own life, and be the person that the company is searching. The lessons that the trainers taught us will help us in our private lives and in our jobs. I am very thankful for the hotel that they have gave us such an opportunity. Mr. Steven loves his job, he is a person that smiles and is very disciplined because of his job. I thank him that he taught me very much things and to be focused. Mr. Budi is a very happy person in life, not like the teachers in our area. When he teaches us something, he actually brings the child out of our soul. We had fun, we learned much things of him, he sees everything positive in life, we are going to miss you.”

“As a butler you have to have this education to advance. For me, both of the trainers taught us very good things and they looked for every detail. As teachers, they were perfect!”

“We are very lucky. We have learned this education from professional persons. We have listened very careful, we felt the things that they have told us and we practice everything that we have learned. We wanted to learn and the teachers wanted to teach.

When we were successful, they were happy. They taught us the good and the right things. Thanks to them, we have seen the details in our job. We are very thankful for the things that they have taught us and thank them for their friendliness. Maybe they don’t realize it, but we have learned very much things from them, we owe them. Mr. Steven and Mr. Budi are wonderful people, they have a very good heart, they are very positive. I will never forget them, or Sevnur, who translated for us.”

“I am very happy that I had this education: I have had lots of education, but it was never like this. It was a very qualitative training and I succeed in a very difficult thing, thanks to the professional teachers. Mr. Steven taught me that I have to be disciplined. He is a very good person. He has something that I can’t describe: unhappy people can be happy when they see him. Mr. Budi is a perfect person. He helped me so much, no matter how much I thank him it will be not enough. He is a person full with energy, he is a lovely person. He helped me with my problem and is like a big brother for me.”

“Thanks to the training, my thoughts have changed and I am acting different. Now I know how to treat a guest and how to make him or her happy.”

“We learned many details through practice and drills. Our thoughts and views have changed.”

“As one who has gone through formal private service butler training in the past, I cannot thank Mr. Ferry enough for the added insight into the mindset of the higher service standard. His continued emphasis on surpassing the acceptable, on demanding the extraordinary that we are each capable of providing, has not only given each individual the tools, but also given the entire team the ability to work together efficiently, to provide the ultimate ‘wow’ for each guest. Would I have changed or altered the curriculum? Wished for a different focus? No and no. One can¹t change what was tailor-made for one’s success. I truly can not thank the Institute enough for the knowledge, expertise, and direction in shaping the success of the department.”

“The butler training has been very fruitful and we had a lot of fun. I learned many things that I did not even know were butler duties. I would like to thank both of you from the bottom of my heart for your wisdom and guidance. I hope to see you back for a refresher course.”

“The trainers are so knowledgeable with a good approach to the students. I really appreciate the private assist I received in order to understand the difficult words I did not understand, going back to earlier studies, even. The training was very effective, as we learned each operation and then drilled it, receiving positive feedback about our performance and skills. It has been a great pleasure to attend such an interesting course.”

“Thank you both very much for your efforts and the gift you have given us in sharing your wisdom and experience. Your personal example and attitude are the most effective tools for demonstrating the butler concept: making the guest comfortable, relaxed, pampered and respected. In addition to giving us the knowledge, you managed to create a team out of the butlers, which is half the battle won. It would be great if you could provide refresher sessions in the future.”

“It was a pleasure learning the innovative ideas from both trainers. We are definitely having an exciting time, as the team is energized with all these new ideas, such as the Butler Service Card, which will be introduced soon in the resort.”

“The butler training and the executive training that followed have generated fabulous feedback from all participants, and provided great SOPs and principles in an interesting atmosphere. The executive training gave us valuable skills in planning to achieve targets efficiently and effectively, while increasing our knowledge and leadership skills that are proving very useful in managing the department. The butler service training created a strong base of valuable skills for the new butlers to attain ideal butler service, urging all the butlers to work harder to achieve success, to be creative in servicing guests. We look forward to repeating this great training in the near future.”

“The trainers are so knowledgeable and have a good approach towards students, giving us positive feedback about our performance and skills. I really appreciate the dedicated assistance received in order to clarify the difficult words I could not understand. The training was really effective, learning how to do something and then drilling it, such as the wake-up service and communication skills.  It’s been a great pleasure to attend such an interesting course and thank you for the booklet. Looking forward now to applying the different techniques acquired.”

“It was such a pleasure having you with us for the past couple of weeks. I have learned so many wonderful new and truly exceptional service points, I can hardly wait to practice them on my guests. I especially appreciated your honesty with me when I extracted the little bit of analysis from you with regards to myself. The butlers have been doing a great job and I am so proud of them! They speak so highly of you and are singing your praises to everyone that asks. The program was a huge success and we all agree that it has put us in the perfect position and set us up for total success. Thank you a hundred times over for sharing your knowledge and yourself with us.”
JP, Chef Concierge, Member, Les Clefs d’Or

“Thank you for the amazing training. ‘He who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten.’ Thank you for sprinkling your knowledge over us and making us sparkle even more.”

“This training was fantastic—it changed my perception of the guests and even daily life, helping me to focus on situations and details. It was not a boring training session, but more like talking to each other and sharing experiences, which I loved. The trainer is a kind and friendly person, a legend.”