Internships for Butlers

Butler school graduates sometimes experience difficulty breaking into the profession.

The reason is simple. It is not that they are inadequate as individuals, poorly trained, nor that the market is slack or saturated with butlers—although these obviously do impact the search success.

The more likely reason is that the training line-up is missing a step: internships or apprenticeships.

See Internships for School Graduates—The Missing Link in Training.

To assist school graduates with finding internship positions, the Institute is happy to receive resumes and contact details of any butler school graduate interested in doing an internship so we can keep your information on file for any employers contacting the Institute for interns.

Please e-mail your resume/CV and any communication about your availability and wishes for an internship to the Institute.

Gold Seal Program.

If you are a butler who has graduated from one of the Institute’s courses, you can earn a Gold Seal on your certificate by submitting evidence that you are a butler who consistently delivers five-star service to your employer(s) and/or guests.