Butlers and Household Managers are available in most locations around the world for temporary assignments of anything from half a day to several months.

Why would someone want a butler temporarily?

Luxury villa and estate providers renting their properties to clients may want a butler to:

  • Match the service levels to their properties;
  • Offer extra services for their clients either for the whole stay or for some special occasion being celebrated by the client

Private individuals may want a butler to:

  • Provide butler service when traveling or vactioning in a property they do not own;
  • Help organize and oversee/serve at any type of upscale social occasion;
  • Replace their own staff while away on vacation or sick leave;
  • As an extra special and unusual gift for a friend or family member.

Advertising agencies and corporations may want to:

  • Provide a winning contestant with butler service for a weekend;
  • Have a butler enhance the opening of a building, release of a product or service;
  • Have a butler help organize and/or oversee and serve at a formal function.

Television, film and media companies may want a butler to:

  • Advise on the role of a butler;
  • Train an actor on the role of the butler;
  • Perform as a butler.

Please note:

Butlers providing temporary services through the Institute are professionals and charge professional rates. Day rates are in the hundreds of US dollars per day, plus expenses.

Where there is a butler located locally, it may be possible to organize shorter assignments (1 day minimum).

Contact us with your requirements and we will endeavor to find the right butler for your temporary assignment.

Some of the seasoned butlers at your service around the world:

Steven Ferry, Tampa Bay, Florida, USA
Florida, USA
Amer Vargas Europe
Patrice Boudou, Arizona
Arizona, USA
Robert da Pozza, Florida, USA
Florida, USA
Prem Rao, London, England
London, England
William Fritzer, Maine, USA
Maine, USA
Robert Hayman, Florida
Florida, USA
Diane Fradin, Florida, USA
Florida, USA

California, USA
Michael Wassef
Europe & Middle East
Laurentiu Popescu, UAE
UAE & Cyprus
Boston & New York
Boston & New York
California, USA

Las Vegas, USA





Wisconsin, USA

United Kingdom

United Kingdom


New York City, USA

London, England

For locations in the Indian Ocean, Africa, and the Middle East, the Institute has partnered with The Butler Experience in Grande Baie, Mauritius to develop English and French-speaking Lifestyle Architects dedicated to providing on-demand butler service.

The Butler Experience


The following luxury providers have partnered with the Institute to connect their clients with the Institute’s butlers for assignments:

Luxury Retreats/Airbnb Luxe


Luxury Villas

Bella Palazzo

In addition to providing butlers for Dreamshare, an experiential travel company, the Chairman is a member of the board and Director of International Butler Operations for DreamMaker, providing bespoke world tours such as Passport to 50, the most ambitious undertaking ever in experiential travel—a 20-day journey for 50 people in two Boeing business jets flying in tandem around-the-world in the lap of luxury, marked by 50 orchestrated events designed to touch hearts and fire imaginations. At $14 million, the most expensive and unique vacation in the history of tourism that no guest will tire of talking about—and they won’t need to embellish their stories!

The Society, an organization with over 5,000 luxury villas and estates around the world in its portfolio, relies on The Institute to provide butler service to those clients wanting to experience the full measure of luxury that butler service brings.

Harley Street, London UK-based Suite Collection to offer butler services in the most prestigious and extraordinary of hotel suites in five star hotels around the world.


“Mr. Ferry was absolutely fabulous. His help and professionalism were outstanding. What a great help he was to everyone. Please thank him again for me.” PM

“While I reside in New York, a great friend of mine moved recently to London and (I suspect inspired by Dowton Abbey) had mentioned on several occasions that she would like to have a butler for her birthday. Unfortunately, I was not able to oblige her request with a full-time butler but came up with the idea that I might be able to find a butler to deliver her breakfast on her first birthday in her new home. This turned out to be more difficult to coordinate then I had imagined and, despite having contacted numerous staffing services in the London area, I was unable to find someone who could assist me with this unique request.

Thankfully, I was introduced by the Institute to Mr. Prem Rao, who immediately made himself available to assist with this early morning, weekend request. Furthermore, he made the request his own, helping to develop a wonderful menu and suggesting additional gifts to make the event special. I found him to be extremely detailed oriented with regard to the manner and content of delivery. The breakfast was a great success, largely due to the contribution of Mr. Rao.

As I was not able to attend the event personally, I very much appreciated the close communication and updates provided by Mr. Rao, as well as the photos he took for me of the occasion.

As a professional investment manager, I have many ultra-high-net-worth corporate and government clients around the world. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the services of Mr. Rao to them. I wish him much success in the future.” CSM