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Help Finding a Butler/Household Manager or Head Butler

Cullen Johnson, Innovative Butler Services, New York City
The Institute is contacted from time to time for assistance in sourcing candidates for butler and couple positions in private homes and for head butlers in hotels and resorts.

We strive to assist in finding the right match.

Unlike most personnel agencies, we can also help with training new and existing personnel to your standards. We know that in this day and age, “a good employee is hard to find.” But we feel strongly that they can be molded, with personal training and counseling, into employees that come much closer to your own ideal and who may, in time, even grow into that “perfect” employee you’ve been dreaming of.

We invite you to contact the Institute.if you would like us to help find a butler, household manager, or head butler.

Please include the following information:

  • Where you are geographically;
  • The type (and title) of the prospective employee;
  • Whether the position would be ‘live-in’ or ‘live-out’;
  • Remuneration package, including salary range;
  • A list of general duties;
  • Any special requirements.

On receipt of your request, we will contact you by phone or email for a more detailed consultation. The first step of our collaboration will be to work with you to flesh out a job description based on your exact needs and wants, which will help us to find that “perfect fit.”

Advertise Your Employment Opportunity

Laying-table2We continue to post positions needing to be filled on our  Placement Assistance page from employers or agencies offering employment opportunities for butlers. If you do not need our assistance with your search but would like to reach the many professionals that visit our website with your current job offer this may be the solution for you. For this service we offer no candidate referrals or guarantees and advise that the candidate selection process is solely between the advertiser and the candidate(s) who respond.

Employers and agencies are assessed a small fee of $50 per advertisement, which will be posted for 4 weeks.

NOTE: Of course if you are using the Institute’s services to help you find a suitable candidate, we will list your position (if desired) without charge.

Available Candidates Page

Perhaps you have already seen the perfect candidate, or someone you’re interested in interviewing, on our Members’ Profile page. If so, please contact us to obtain their curriculum vitae/resume.


“…Working with you and Mr. Ferry has been a delight. You have a first class organization that truly embodies the principles of service.” MM

“The recruiting and placement of Estate Management couples in our Ohio and Florida residences, and the training seminars with these couples, have been invaluable. The usually taxing regimen of the hiring process was lessened by the skills Mr. Ferry displayed in vetting applicants. All of the applicants he referred to us were highly qualified, but his opinions and observations about our final choices were insightful and ‘on the money.’ The present couples referred by him to both residences are unequivocally the best we have ever employed.” RH