Gold Seal Program

If you are a butler who has graduated from one of the Institute’s courses, you can earn a Gold Seal on your certificate by submitting evidence that you are a butler who consistently delivers five-star service to your employer(s) and/or guests.

The Gold Seal can be obtained by sending:

  1. A copy of the Institute’s certificate earned earlier.
  2. Evidence showing the quality of your service delivered to employers and guests (for example, copies of comments guests made about your wonderful service). The evidence should show clearly that as a butler, you are delivering not just good service, but excellent service consistently that wows employers and/or guests.
  3. Evidence showing you apply the fifteen points of the good butler on your job (Reference ESSENCE OF A BUTLER to be found as Chapter 2 in the books HOTEL BUTLERS, THE GREAT SERVICE DIFFERENTIATORS and BUTLERS & HOUSEHOLD MANAGERS, 21st CENTURY PROFESSIONALS)
  4. For hospitality butlers, evidence from your supervisor or manager that shows you are a team player and a professional butler who consistently wows his/her guests with excellent service.

Even if you have moved to a different place of employment, we will still provide you with a Gold Seal if you can provide us with the evidence above, showing you are doing this currently in your new place of employ.

Mail the documents to the Institute at:

International Institute of Modern Butlers
411 Cleveland Street #234,
Clearwater, FL 33755, USA

with a $20 processing/mail fee for the new certificate ($30 for overseas). You can either include a check, money order or international money order, or pay on-line using PayPal on our web site. (Simply purchase a new certificate on the Membership page and e-Mail us to let us know that you are submitting for a Gold Seal).

Please remember to provide your corrrect name and complete return address in the package with your supporting evidence, so we can mail the certificate with your Gold Seal.

Gold Seal During Institute Training

You can also earn a Gold Seal on your certificate if your employer arranges for classroom and practical training to be followed by an apprenticeship/shadowing module during which you can demonstrate the required standards.

A Graduate of the Institute

Congratulations to Mr. Filipe Valls of the landmark Plaza Hotel in New York, who was awarded his Gold Seal Certificate from the Institute for completing his training as a hotel butler.

In his own words: “Today, I received my certificate of completion, thank you so much,  I am so happy!  You gave me the motivation to keep going forward in a positive direction.”

The Gold Seal certificate means Mr. Valls has demonstrated application of the materials of the on-site course and has submitted evidence to that effect to the Chairman of the Institute.