Our Mission

The International Institute of Modern Butlers LLC 
is dedicated to raising service standards in all service professions through innovative on-site and long-distance consultation, training, books, and articles in order to bring about intelligently executed, anticipatory, and invisible service in the style of the traditional British Butler adapted to modern needs and markets around the world.

While the Institute provides all the usual training on the mechanical arts of the butler as well as management skills, it has found that where employers routinely experience the most disappointment lies in the soft skills of their staff. The Institute’s specialty, therefore, is in developing the right mindset, persona, attitude, and communication skills.

Our goal is to bring life and pleasure to the service experience for both those served and those providing the service, not only raising service levels, efficiency and morale, but also lowering costs and turnover.

While we focus on consulting and training in private estates, resorts and hotels, we provide the same services in condotels, private yachts &  jets, cruise ships and commercial airlines, hospitals, upscale retirement homes, as well as the consumer-service side of businesses.

Whether establishing butler service for the first time or raising service standards of butlers or other personnel, the Institute’s consultants and trainers around the world can help achieve your goals.