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Opening Pandora’s Box

As a sequel to the three-part article Thinking for Yourself May Be the Only Regimen for Recovery (1, 2, 3) written at the very beginning of the pandemic, we are publishing this sequel which builds on the original observations and questions concerning the pandemic to take a hard and dissenting look at the elephant in the room that may well trample over the plans of those hoping for a recovery.

Few people in hospitality want to be so politically incorrect and unprofessional as to talk about the proverbial elephant in the room1 of every hospitality venue since Spring 2020, cutting across revenue, the guest experience, and staffing. Being hoteliers who are naturally cheerful and prefer to focus on pleasant subjects, we responded by putting on a bright face and working out eventually how to deal with the new reality: Go digital, do whatever we can to bring in and retain “What’s in it for Me?” staff, assuage guest fears with cleaning theater, hope our government will not shut down travel again at the next supposed variant, juggle mismatched supply and demand, oxymoronically2 improve service by reducing personal contact with guests, and so on.
To continue the elephant analogy, trying to work out what exactly this elephant is in order to deal with it properly has parallels with the ancient Indian parable of a group of blind men who each touched a different part of an elephant and shared their limited observations only to find these differed from their colleagues’ observations and so, instead of combining their observations into a fuller picture, they argued vociferously3 about what this elephant might be.
With the ongoing censorship of any information that contradicts the official narratives on various topics (Homeland Security in the US has just announced that this activity is terrorism and will be investigated by the State apparatus), we have been thrown into the role of blind men, unable to see and consider facts and make informed judgements for ourselves. What follows will be considered a “conspiracy theory”4 by some—to whom I say, “Quit reading if you must—but bear in mind this phrase was created in 1967 by the CIA to discredit anyone challenging the official findings concerning President Kennedy’s assassination—and that narrative, as with any cover-up, turned out to be patently false.”
“Conspiracy theory” is trotted out as the standard response to any information that threatens to shake the firmly held worldview a person has built to fend off the confusions of life. This impulse is understandable, but for anyone aware that only the truth can set them free from lies/misinformation, it might be a good idea to continue reading, because what appears to be on the horizon for hospitality may be a mirage/wishful thinking. In effect, whistling past the graveyard5 may not be the best strategy.
Although Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter may open the information spigots for the thousands of professionals who have been crying foul on the events of the past two years and the future that is planned for us, and thus may be a source of new perspectives for the majority, until now most of these experts have only been able to communicate through newer social media such as Gettr, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Signal, and via independent web sites. So, anyone relying on the mainstream and social media for news and perspectives may well be surprised by the balance of this article.
Let’s start with the bigger picture: There have been over 300 civilizations in Earth’s recorded history, and where are they now? Given the constant onslaught of dire situations popping up around us over the last few years, amplified by the fear-mongering media, we could well be forgiven for wondering whether this one has many more sunrises and seasons left to enjoy. It may well if we look beyond apparent realities conjured up by the authorities and instead focus on the actual realities we face. And so, here in rapid succession are statements of realities that have been hidden and which could, for the sake of argument, be considered as possibly true—this article does not have space for lengthy footnotes designed to prove facts are facts, so everyone is free to do their own research to dispel any doubt either way.
The number of unscientific mandates, fake statistics (i.e. millions will die from Covid; hundreds of thousands have died from Covid; and in the end, less than 4% of those we were told had died of Covid had actually died of Covid), and faulty management decisions that impacted our industry are legion. When all the dust/virus had settled, though, while the authorities did acknowledge their mistakes after enough experts were brave enough to speak up despite the threats against them personally, we are left with a pandemic that wasn’t one at all, but was used to generate fear worldwide and make it possible to remove every single one of the thirty Human Rights as detailed in the United Nation’s 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the individual rights written into the constitutions of many countries around the world; the entire world economy collapsed; hospitals were not actually overflowing, but millions were unable to receive other needed medical treatment; no more people died of Covid than die of the flu each year (which strangely enough, almost nobody died of in 2020/21 according to medical records); the mandated vaccines, which were not actually vaccines but experimental drugs to change the DNA of those injected, have resulted in millions of deaths and injuries with many more to come from delayed deaths due to the jabs knocking out immune systems and introducing diseases—just one statistic to consider: For every child who died of covid, 170 died of the vaccines. The masks, social distancing, PCR testing, and lockdowns proved with hindsight for governments—although they were informed properly up front by enough medical and other experts—to have made not one ounce/28 grams of difference regarding health and safety.
In other words, Much Ado About Nothing, as Shakespeare may have entitled a play he could have written were he alive today—except the original was a comedy and the pain and suffering caused by governmental responses would make such a re-write a tragedy without peer.
Our industry was the first to tank as travel was shut down and lockdowns went into effect, and it has still to recover, with occupancy down and rates up generally. While optimists work hard to bring hospitality back to life, stubbornly hanging onto their humor and sense of fun, as one industry writer opined, the pessimists hang on in general as best they can, and the realists consider how best to deal with the unfolding future.
Which is what?
We have vaccine passports already being implemented on the back of the push for them during the pandemic and planned by the WHO to be made universal requirements for travel and even to operate in society. This will prevent 90% of the world that is not fully vaccinated/boosted, as required, from travelling. As the compromised immune system of the fully vaccinated makes them 3x more likely to contract Covid and 5x more likely to die of it than the unvaxxed, those who are eligible to travel will ultimately be a dwindling demographic while the unvaxxed will be even more determined to avoid the death/clot shots (as they are increasingly coming to be known) from the spike proteins inserted into the experimental DNA drug (ask the hundreds of athletes who have been dropping down and out, including 15 of the fully vaccinated players at the 2022 Miami Tennis Open—and then check back for a final count in five years, which is the length of time myocarditis6 from these clots generally takes to kill 56% of those who have it).
As travel is being discouraged by various policies and campaigns because of claimed global warming, who except those with private airplanes and yachts will be able to travel?
As the vaccine passport is planned to be morphed into a digital passport stored within a chip under the skin and linked to bank accounts, those who question authority or fail to follow the social-engineering rules, monitored by ubiquitous cameras with facial-recognition software as in China already, as well as GPS in the chip, will have their accounts frozen (as happened to those demonstrating peacefully in Canada recently), making it hard to travel, especially once cash is removed from society and only Central Bank Digital Currencies are accepted as legal tender.
And most immediately, how do we keep staff fed and guests serviced when the supply chain continues to be sabotaged, and particularly when there is no food to transport? Most people are oblivious to the actions being taken to wipe out crops, herds, flocks, and food storage and processing centers which can only lead to an untimely end for close to a billion already living on the edge and bring the rest to the inescapable realization that food is so scarce that we need to eat bugs, weeds, and lab-grown meat, drink sewage water, and agree to a one-world government and all its programs. It would be nice if they were joking.
So next question: Who is they?
A number of individuals and groups, but directing the show is the unelected World Economic Forum and its cohorts7 of “elites,” as they regard, and even refer to, themselves. WEF is responsible for the election of most key figures in Western governments that rammed through all the Covid measures in the name of public safety—in the process cancelling the rights, livelihoods, and freedoms of all citizens. Check out the WEF web site for a flavor of their power and where they are taking us. As its leader, Mr. Klaus Schwab, pointed out, “Covid is critical because this is what convinces people to accept total biometric surveillance.” Talking of his grand plan, called The Great Reset that he has been trumpeting as the solution for all that ails humankind, he famously said, “You will own nothing and be happy,” a notion that will not gain much traction from anyone who has emerged from communist or impoverished countries; and while we may own nothing, we can rest assured he and his kind will not be joining us in such a self-abnegating8 sacrifice.
The wish of citizens to trust and comply with an authority believed to be acting in their best interests is slow to erode, but eventually the most blatant of excesses and nonsensical directives being pointed out by those with critical thinking skills and a measure of integrity, embolden the majority to start thinking for themselves, too, with mounting distrust for the motives and actions of those entrusted to look after the public good. At a WEF conference in November 2021, attendees lamented that the “common man” in all countries no longer respects them…one wonders why.

Could it be because they took advantage of the pandemic to increase their wealth by 54% while “common people” lost their jobs and became poorer? Or because—while everyone else was locked down and masked under duress, forbidden to associate with friends and family, say goodbye to loved ones on their death beds, or enjoy social events—the elite partied without masks, flew in CO2-spewing private jets to climate-change conferences at which they complained that the living standards, energy consumption, and CO2-spewing travel-habits of common people were ruining the world. Could it be that the Nuremburg Code demanding informed consent before conducting medical experiments was being ignored in the name of public safety and that hundreds of millions preferring not to be part of a medical experiment were demonized and denied basic freedoms; or that thousands of medical experts questioning the narrative (or the other official narratives such as global warming/climate change or “Russia is bad”) were smeared, silenced, de-platformed, fired, and even murdered where they could not be bribed, blackmailed, or threatened to toe the line.

In an honest world, truthful and accurate information does not need to be enforced or protected by such dictatorial actions. So how come these people felt it appropriate to behave so selfishly and commit such a monstrous series of crimes?
As they themselves have stated openly, their intent is to reduce the world population by 90%, with the elite remaining and enough worker bees to service them and managers and soldier ants to keep the worker bees in line. A solution to saving us all that includes the death of 9 out of every 10 individuals might be considered an extreme solution by all but the barking mad. So, it is not surprising that this kind of solution is one in a long line of unethical solutions that have ended us all up where we are now and ironically provided the elite with the rationale for their actions. Humanity struggles with hunger, water shortages, disease, pollution, constant conflicts and wars, etc., and yet we have seen the same elites suppressing technologies or ideas that could improve things for humankind while enriching themselves from the resulting conflicts over shortages. Limitless free and non-polluting energy has been available for a century thanks to the likes of Nikola Tesla. Technology exists to grow all the food the world needs without pollution; or to tap into huge amounts of clean water. Such ideas are destroyed to protect the status quo and income streams of the elite; the programs they fund may claim to resolve these issues, but the results speak otherwise.
The future these people are engineering, if they succeed, will mean very few hotels, and those mostly 5* for the “lucky few.”
And how lucky are they? Not at all, actually, despite their material possessions and power. If they succeed in their plan, by their nature they trust nobody (Stalin famously said he trusted nobody, not even himself) and so will start to stab each other in the back as they are doing to their fellow citizens right now, and spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders, waiting for the other shoe to drop or the Sword of Damocles. They cannot really enjoy themselves because what goes on behind the fake smiles or the sour faces is a continuous chitter chatter internally about how horrible the person(s) they are talking to is and scheming how to undermine them. All the while, they may convince themselves they are doing the right thing, but deep down, they know that what goes around comes around, and they themselves would certainly not like to experience what they want us to experience.
The intent here is not to mirror them by wishing them ill. Some of them we have even serviced as butlers, professional to the core, determined to make their lives as comfortable and happy as possible, but that is generally a losing battle, for you may recognize these characters, whether or not wealthy, as the really unpleasant guests who make you feel small and useless, your best intentions and efforts made nothing of, even wondering whether hospitality is right for you. They have very specific characteristics that you need to know in order not to take a dive when dealing with them.
For our part, in the bigger picture, we have to ask ourselves, if all this is actually to come to pass, as one of the survivors would we want to work in hotels when most people we know had been eliminated, where we have to eat bugs, enjoy no rights, and smiling faces are replaced by sullen ones as experienced in dismal East German hotels during the second half of the 20th Century, where everyone reported on everyone else to the Stasi9? Do we really want to live and work in the kind of technological, economic rat-race, and police state that always results when people who are barking mad plan everyone’s life?
If not, then we all need to do something as a group to change the trajectory. Continuing to ignore the elephant in the room and focusing on how to make the best of the dwindling freedoms open to us will not change anything, no matter how positive we are—the universe only bends to our wishes when some action is applied to it.
These elites lording it over worker bees, enforcers and managers is not a new phenomenon—it almost seems like the natural order of things, but it does not mean it is a game worth preserving even for the elite, as they always go down in flames with each civilization they manage to collapse.
There is nothing wrong with having elites if they are ethical, respecting human rights; where we have gone wrong time and again as a race is not learning to recognize and stand up to individuals who have lost their way, especially those using their positions of power destructively for those they are trusted to manage. They exist across a full spectrum of groups, human activities, and locations, yet in small numbers compared with the rest of us—which is a key weakness for them. They are the ones who drive down individuals and whole societies by creating division and fear and engineering situations that threaten our survival and tie the rest of us up with worry and frantic activity to resolve—because as mentioned earlier, bad situations do not just happen—excepting natural disasters—but are engineered by specific individuals, often working behind the scenes.
To find out more, do your own research using the Brave browser and its search engine, as these have the least censoring of search results so you can move beyond mainstream media, social media and government censorship to educate yourself.
You can also attend free webinars listed on the home pages of Defending Humanity (on human rights) and Joining Forces (on the current agenda, how it violates human rights, and how to spot and deal with evil individuals).
As optimistic realists, we can learn from these trying times and create again the kind of hospitality that is founded on solicitous service and taking joy in helping orchestrate the happiness of others—and beyond that, in helping create a society that is founded on respect for each other, in which technical advances are not used to push down or even replace humankind, but to benefit it—every last one of us, seven billion and counting.

1 Elephant in the room: An obvious and major issue that people avoid acknowledging or discussing
2 Oxymoronic: The combining of words with opposite meanings that create a seeming contradiction but which actually point out something that is quite sharp—deafening silence is an example
3 Vociferously: Spoken in a loud and forceful manner
4 Conspiracy theory: Identifying the secretive coordinated actions of a usually powerful group as the cause of some harmful event, contradicting the official narrative
5 Whistling past the graveyard: Ignoring, or attempting to stay cheerful and hopeful of a good outcome in the face of, an upcoming hazard or dire situation
6 Myocarditis: Inflammation of the heart muscle
7 Cohorts: The individuals who support a particular person, usually a leader
8 Self abnegating: Renouncing one’s own interests
9 Stasi: East German secret police