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The Modern Butlers’ Journal, June 2021, Coming soon!

IIMB LogoComing soon… Online Hospitality Butler Course!

The new Online Hospitality Butler Course

The New IIMB Online Hospitality Butler Course; picture courtesy of

Being a butler is not just a profession: Some say it’s almost an art; it’s definitely a philosophy and a way of life.

Whether your company be a hotel, a resort, a cruise ship, rental villas or time-share properties, if you require training of your butlers, the new IIMB Online Hospitality Butler Course could help improve your butler team’s skills. The course provides a deeper look into the butler’s soft skills, including how to manage themselves as a true butler would. It teaches butlers new and old such skills as the right demeanor, the proper communication, the way to approach service, the butler’s Etiquette & Protocols and even how excellent butlers expertly handle very difficult situations with their guests.

The new IIMB Online Hospitality Butler Course allows butlers and butlers-to-be to study at their own pace at any time of the day or the week. The course consists of more than 12 hours of short video-lessons and we will test their understanding with multiple, automatically corrected exercises and instructor-graded assignments.

If you would like more information, contact us at the International Institute of Modern Butlers; we will be happy to respond to all your queries and answer all your questions.

Mr. Vargas is the Institute’s President—feel free to contact him via email, AmerVargas AT

The Institute is dedicated to raising service standards by broadly disseminating the mindset and superior service expertise of that time-honored, quintessential service provider, the British Butler, updated with modern people skills, and adapted to the needs of modern employers and guests in staffed homes, luxury hotels, resorts, spas, retirement communities, jets, yachts & cruise ships around the world.