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The Modern Butlers’ Journal, September 2021, My Butler Julius

Julius SmithMy Butler Julius

by Julius Smith

Job Specification versus Reality

While enjoying a coffee with a butler colleague, he told me what is becoming a very familiar tale these days about starting a new job and being expected to work 80-plus hours a week.

I asked what his contract specified, to which he laughed and said, “You know that doesn’t mean a thing.”

Consequently, he is now searching for a new position, which explains in part the large turnover of staff in private residences. On the flipside, I know a number of people who work for demanding families but who are compensated and treated very well and as a result have stayed for a long period of time.

Our employers tell us at the outset that they are looking for loyalty, continuity, and a high level of service. The way to bring this about is very simple: Invest in, and look after, your staff and the results may well be pleasantly surprising.

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