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The Modern Butlers’ Journal, August 2019, Let’s Talk about Mixology

Amer A. VargasLet’s Talk about Mixology, Part 46

by Amer A. Vargas


Southside Cocktail by Shannon Sturgis

On this occasion we will talk about a not-so-famous, but very refreshing cocktail that will do its best to cool down the drinker (or at least create a cooling sensation!) under the unmerciful heat of the summer sun.

As you are about to see, the Southside, or South Side, is made using ingredients that already provide a refreshing sensation on their own; in fact, all of them do, except for the gin, which normally heats the throat, but in this case it is counteracted with the ice, mint and citrus fruit.

The classic Southside is very easy to prepare. You need 40 ml/1.35 oz of gin, 20 ml/0.7 oz of fresh lime juice, 20 ml/0.7 oz of simple syrup, 6-8 fresh mint leaves, a fresh sprig of mint and lime or lemon slices for decoration, as well as ice cubes.

And this is how you do it! Fill your cocktail shaker with the ice cubes, put in the mint leaves, pour the gin, the lime juice and the simple syrup and shake well for a few seconds. Then strain the contents into a stemmed glass and garnish with the mint sprig and even a lemon or lime slice.

If you want to make it extra cold, serve it in a highball glass filled with more ice, and if you want to convert it into a Southside Fizz, add a couple of splashes of soda.

Whichever version you prefer, cool down and enjoy!

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