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Butlers traditionally have been conscientious about creating manuals specific to their household, called the (Butler’s) Pantry Book. However, except for a manual written a couple of hundred years ago, and another excellent book, Agar’s Way, which is out of print and focuses on the old-style butler skills, no text has existed on the subject of how to butle, whether in private households or hotels, etc.

Two texts have therefore been written by Professor Steven Ferry to fill this void, and are recommended as the industry best sellers. Both books are also available in Spanish, translated by Spanish butler and Institute Trainer, Mr. Amer A. Vargas. The book  ‘Butlers and Household Managers – 21st Century Professionals’ is also available in Italian (translated by butler and IIMB member Mr. Giovanni Lodigiani), as well as in Russian. Most recently, a Russian e-book edition was published and is now available for purchase on this site. See below for more details on all these books…


Butlers and Household Managers, 21st Century Professionals  (English Edition)

Hotel Butlers, The Great Service Differentiators  (English Edition)

Mayordomos, Profesionale Del Siglo XXI  (Spanish Edition)

Mayordomos De Hotel, Los Diferenciadores Del Gran Servicio  (Spanish Edition)

Maggiordomi & Direttori di Casa Professionisti del 21° Secolo  (Italian Edition)

For the Russian print version of ‘Butlers and Household Managers – 21st Century Professionals‘, please contact the Institute directly.


The following versions are also available in digital format to download to your computer immediately, click a title to go to secure Paypal payment page:

Butlers and Household Managers, 21st Century Professionals  (English Edition)

Hotel Butlers, The Great Service Differentiators  (English Edition)

Mayordomos, Profesionale Del Siglo XXI  (Spanish Edition)

Mayordomos De Hotel, Los Diferenciadores Del Gran Servicio  (Spanish Edition)

Butlers and Household Managers, 21st Century Professionals  – Ферри С. Батлеры, мажордомы и управляющие  (Russian Edition)

E-book prices

Butlers and Household Managers, 21st Century Professionals (English, Spanish or Russian) –  $20.00
Hotel Butlers, The Great Service Differentiators (English or Spanish) –  $30.00


For all of you KINDLE fans, Amazon.com now makes all these books available to its readers in KINDLE format also: the English, Spanish and Italian versions of the book can all be purchased in KINDLE format as of November 2014. In addition, the KINDLE versions can be purchased not only through Amazon.com, but also through Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.es (for Spanish-speaking markets) and Amazon.it (for Italian markets). So if you own a KINDLE and prefer that format, be sure to check your Amazon web store to purchase your copy of the book.

“I just finished reading your book ‘Butlers & Household Managers’ and found it extremely interesting and very informative. What a wealth of information…you can use this book if you want to become a Butler or just help organize your own home. I will be going out either tonight or tomorrow to purchase ‘Hotel Butlers, The Great Service Differentiators.’ I just had my second interview for a position as Butler with (luxury resort). I thought the interview went well. I¹m excited about the opportunity of working at such a prestigious resort and I hope to be brought back soon for my third interview. I’m looking forward to reading ‘Hotel Butlers, The Great Service Differentiators’ very much and I¹m sure I will go though your book many times and keep it as a valued reference. Again, I just want to thank you for a great resource that I will use for many years.” M.E.

“I have read some of the book and I must say that I am extremely pleased with what I have read and learned. I am finding it difficult to refrain from reading at work. Though I am sure that the information I shall glean from the contents will help. I am in the service industry. I work in a home furnishings showroom and we are also manufacturers representatives. We serve the high end consumer. I have often thought that our professions must be very similar. From what I have read so far indeed that is the truth.” J.L.

“I found this to be very helpful in the way of home management with so many useful suggestions to make my home run more orderly. It was well worth the money. Excellent!” BB

“An invaluable source of information for Private Service Professionals.
Mr. Ferry’s book is a Butler’s work manual for the real world. With practical information to help a young Butler survive in the world of private service but also for people in senior positions. It’s the only complete publication, (that I know) and a must have for everyone in the business. Thank you Mr Ferry.” A.

“The most informative and concise book for this topic. I loved this book and still refer to in occasionally.  I wish more books were written by him and perhaps in a memoir tone so it could be an entertaining version of this one. I’ve read others that are “behind the scenes” and was quite put off with the arrogance of them. Big accolades to Steven Ferry for writing a practical and inspiring book, I only wish there were more from him!” K.

“You don’t have to be a butler to love this book! I am NOT a butler, but I sought this book out on the internet and finally purchased it after thinking I could use it for many years. I was NOT disappointed. It is the best self-help book on the market! This book can help you organize your life on nearly every level. It is an organizers dream book for most of us who have to live without at butler. Yes, I am still in the process of becoming a good household manager, but now I have the advice and skills of my ‘guide book man.'” D.A.

Simply The Best! If you are involved in the world of private service, I highly recommend this book as a “must have.” Mr. Ferry has gone to great lengths to get it right and the results are contained within the pages of this book. Mr. Ferry presents us with a history of Butling (and other private service household positions,) and weaves a rich tapestry of service standards, duties, do’s and don’ts, professional expectations and numerous other pieces of valuable advice throughout the book. If you do not have this wonderful resource in your collection my advice is to get it and use it.” D.R.
“I read `Butlers’ cover to cover. Great! It captures the essence of good butling-competency and discretion.” Anon

“I’ve read your book cover to cover and not only enjoyed it but also learned many new things.” Vice President/Secretary, International Association of Household Professionals

“Six weeks ago I purchased your writings of Butlers and Household Managers, which I hasten to add is outstanding!!! It is to the point, pays attention to the details of everyday operations and the manner and style in which to deliver private service. It has proven to be a most excellent guide/reference that assists and refreshes me as needed. Your checklists are a valuable resource that can be edited or embellished to suit the circumstances. Thank you for sharing your expertise. This book is worth its weight in gold!” Anon

“Butlers and Household Managers has been a great help to me in my new position and honestly speaking, I COULD NOT HAVE MANAGED TO DO SOME OF THE TASKS THAT WERE ASKED OF ME, IF I HAD NOT PURCHASED THIS BOOK. … It has been a God send for me.” WJ

“This is just a short note, to say a very big thank you for a book that has now become a Bible in my work place. It is like reading parts of my life in print, and the appendages are invaluable to one in a butler’s position. I thank you, with much appreciation.” A butler on 5th Avenue