We offer membership in the International Institute of Modern Butlers LLC to those persons who subscribe to the Institute’s Code of Ethics.

Membership is free and entitles one to receive the Institute’s electronic newsletter (monthly), occasional  ‘Members Only’ industry briefings, and  priority placement assistance. From time to time we may contact you with interesting assignments or requests.

To join, please read the Code of Ethics and then contact us to signal your agreement with it and the desire to become a member of the Institute.


To members of the Institute, we offer a certificate confirming your status for display. Copies of the certificate can also be included in your resumé/CV and will help to create a positive impression.

To help cover the costs of materials and shipping, the Institute charges a small fee of US $25 for members within the United States, Canada and Mexico, and US $35 for members from all other countries.


NOTE: Members of the Institute are required to keep their contact information current. If you move or change e-mail address, please let us know right away! If we cannot contact you via e-mail or some other method, your membership will be suspended until you provide us with current contact information.

Please contact us to update your membership information.