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BlueLogo2011web The Modern Butlers’ Journal for Service Professionals Worldwide, July, 2012

The Modern Butlers’ Journal volume 12, issue 10

International Institute of Modern Butlers

Teaching Right Mindset, People Skills, & Superior-service Expertise

IIMB Chairman Steven Ferry The Modern Butlers’ Journal for Service Professionals Worldwide, July, 2012

Message from the Chairman

 This will be the shortest MBJ ever published in our almost 13 years.
We had the usual lengthy and information-filled MBJ ready to go when a plug-in update magically (as in Black Magic) evaporated every single link on our web site. After prolonged contact with, and insistence that a remedy be provided by, our web host, we managed to salvage the web site, but not, alas, the most recent MBJ.
Which in a way is something we can turn to advantage—to ask that you let us know what you like or do not like about the MBJ, so we can focus on what is useful for you.
And here’s the kicker: if not enough people respond, we will discontinue the journal.
What has us thinking is that very few people responded to the offer for a free silver cleaning set in the last MBJ—and for something that should and used to be close to the heart of every butler, that made us wonder. From preliminary research, it seems not so many butlers are polishing silver anymore! Horrors! Or maybe good!
But either way, if we are writing for an audience that is proceeding in a different direction that we thought, then we need to adjust our message and focus.
So, please, let us know by communicating or not communicating!
Thank you,
Steven Ferry