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The Modern Butlers’ Journal, October 2021, Letters to the Editor

PostBoxLetters to the Editor

“THANK YOU for this very excellent message on Human Rights.” LW

“Great work from Mr. Kobi Gutman—he has great talent and works with such fine detail—exceptionally amazing, thank you.” RF

Mr. Gutman in response: Thank you kindly, I definitely take it as a great compliment coming from you, after seeing your work.

[Regarding the article by Mr. Smith on hiring] “My experience was simply to make clear my needs in the interview process and then make use of the prescribed free time. Very soon, the house became used to my schedule and adjusted accordingly. When there was a true need to exceed the schedule, we immediately covered the compensation time so there would be no mistaking the extras that were being requested. Thus, there were no problems. It’s called training the employer.” PH

Mr. Smith in response: It is wonderful to hear that you have managed to have a good work life balance. It also sounds like you have the experience and confidence to present your case. Unfortunately there are some employers who are not as accommodating. 

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