Leather Care Newsletter Steven Ferry

The Modern Butlers’ Journal June 2021, Care of Leather Goods

Steven Ferry Care of Leather Goods, Part 8

by Steven Ferry


Waterproofing over and above the use of wax polishes is generally not needed, as most leathers are already waterproofed. However, where the leather is often exposed to significant levels of moisture—rain, bodies of water, snow—then waterproofing can be applied to prevent the leather from becoming saturated.

This Mink oil shown is a good waterproofing agent; so is beeswax. Best to test the product in a less-visible area to see if it darkens the leather appreciably. It is quite likely to do so and this cannot be avoided except by testing another product that may darken less.

Lanolin is an ingredient in leather care products that can be used where a soft, supple leather is desired, such as for jackets or handbags. Avoid using lanolin-based products where a stiff feel is preferred, such as for some shoes or boots.

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