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The Modern Butlers’ Journal, July 2021, Let’s Talk about Mixology

Amer A. VargasLet’s Talk about Mixology

by Amer A. Vargas

PART 69: Pink Squirrel

Pink Squirrel, image by Tortoise Supper Club
Pink Squirrel, image by Tortoise Supper Club

Already we’re well into summer and with many flowers in full bloom, it’s time for another delicious cocktail!

On this occasion, we present the Pink Squirrel,  a cocktail that used to be very popular in the 50’s and 60’s. It works very well both as a dessert (for adults only, of course, since it contains alcohol; although a mocktail version is also very easy to produce, as you are about to see), as well as a worthy accompaniment to sweets or as a stand-alone.

These are the ingredients you will need to make the Pink Squirrel, for 2 servings:

  • 3 oz./ 9 cl. Crème de Noyaux
  • 3 oz./ 9 cl. White crème de Cacao
  • 4-5 Scoops of vanilla ice cream

And if you would like the cocktail to be more eye-catching , you could also use

  • Colored sugar or sprinkles for rimming the glasses, and/or
  • Maraschino cherries for garnish
  • Marshmallows
  • Whipped cream

The preparation of the Pink Squirrel is really simple. It is commonly served in a classic cocktail glass. If you are planning to use the colored sugar or sprinkles, start by rimming the glasses: moisten the edges of the rim with liquor or simple syrup, then dip into the sugar or sprinkles.

When the glasses are ready, put the other ingredients in the blender and process until you get a smooth drink. Then serve in the cocktail glass and feel free to finish with whipped cream or garnish with a maraschino cherry or marshmallows.

In case the Crème de Noyaux is difficult to find in your market (it has fallen out of favor in recent decades), some bartenders replace that ingredient with this mixture: 2 oz./ 6 cl. of Amaretto with 1 oz./3 cl. of Grenadine.  Or, if you are mocktailing, change the amaretto to milk or even almond milk, if it is available.

Whatever you choice, happy summer and cheers!

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