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The Modern Butlers’ Journal, December 2021, In Their Words

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How those trained by the Institute’s Trainers feel about their Experience

Hospitality Service Graduates

Asked: “What did you like the least of the training?”: “N/A, but we want more training from Mr. Amer A. Vargas!  10+” C.W.O’N

“The training was very deep and detailed. Amer took his time to make sure we learn everything.”

“(The course) was very informative. It provided information & practical things that I did not have in mind (before). I especially liked the training session on the different types of ties, table settings, ways to use positive language & how to face things that can be negative in a positive light; how to respond to impractical/illegal guest requests in a very professional manner that does not affect your integrity, wine pouring, packing, unpacking…” U.G.

“I liked how in depth the training was. Mr. Amer made sure that I actually understood and learned what he was explaining. I really enjoyed the packing and unpacking training, as well as the wine pouring and the table setting sessions. 10/10: Mr. Amer was an amazing teacher/butler.” A.B.

Asked: “What you liked the least about the training?”: “In all honesty, I liked everything. The concept of “least liked doesn’t fit in my training vocabulary. (It was) neatly organized, perfect timing and successfully balanced. (Almost) too good to be true. Deeply appreciated. Great personality… 10!” H.H.

“The training was very informative and I would say I like the unpacking and organizing best. Mr. Amer was very transparent with his teaching, which made everything very easy to understand.” K.P.

(The training) was very interactive and everything was explained in detail. Very inspiring: I loved how what was explained could be used not only at work, but can be applied in our personal life and self growth.” A.Z.

“I liked everything about the training, especially because this was something new for me. What I liked the most is that everything was very well detailed: from the point where you learn the theory part to the practicals where you apply everything hands on. 10” F.G.

“Interactive, funny, approachable trainer. Absolutely loved the training! It was absolutely perfect: I wish it would be longer… 10!

(I particularly liked) “how Mr. Amer explained how to do everything. This is the best training I ever did in my entire hospitality life. Thank you to Joali Being for this training, and also thanks to Mr. Amer: he is the best of the best. A 10 for sure!”

“I loved how everything was explained in detail and (we were given) real-life of scenarios about how to perform in both difficult and easy situations. Mostly, Mr. Amer helped us improve on all the weak points we needed to improve on. It was a lovely experience to have been part of this training. M.R.

“Being a newbee I would say I loved how the training started. It wasn’t only about learning how to be a butler, but also important things like how to work as a team or how to study altogether. Also, to our trainer: thank you for making things interesting with visual images, video clips… and blending in so well with all of us. You have an excellent personality and thank you again for the knowledge you shared with us. I wish we would have gotten more time (for this training). I rate the training) a 9.5 out of 10: come again and let’s learn more so that I can grant it a 10!” S.

“I really liked that we were engaged all throughout the training. It was unique and the theory classes were also really fun and easy not to lose focus despite the long hours. Practicals were also very easy to follow, in spite of not having any prior experience as a butler. Everything was simplified and easy to learn and had a good flow and sequence to it.”

“The best part of the training would be the amount of details provided.  Mr. Amer focused on every part of the training. I love the fact that the training was not set out to work on a robotic style (rigid standards, verbiage, postures…) and personalizing to each and every guest differently. Learning the guests emotional state and how to interact with them was a major plus point. Overall the training was splendid: enjoyed every moment! 10/10, and I would go beyond if I could :-)” A.A.

“10/10: It was a honor to be trained by Mr. Amer.”

“It was very fast! Would like to get longer hours next time! 10000% 10 out of 10!” A.S.


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