Butler training Training

The beautiful sound of the water in Southwestern Turkey

An intense and fruitful week in Belek, near Antalya, located in the Southwest of Turkey. The Susesi Luxury Resort & Spa is one of the most prominent hospitality establishments in the region and this year, their aim is to be nominated as Best Hotel in the area. Even though this is not an easy task, Susesi has many elements in place to achieve this goal: marvelous infrastructures, different restaurants and bars offering international gastronomical experiences and, most important, a staff devoted to pleasing the guests. The latter point was reinforced by the most recent training conducted by the International Institute of Modern Butlers for the butlers that serve guests in the Villas and Suites to a standard of excellence.

The name of the hotel has been coined from the Turkish words “Su” (meaning water) and “Sesi” (meaning sound of). Thus, the name evokes the wonderful spa services available and the pleasure guests can experience through the water, in the form of the different fountains, swimming pools and the beach that are part of the resort.

All participants in the training proved their great abilities to work closely with their VIPs, using their distinct communication skills, observation, anticipation and attention to detail. The trainer left the hotel with the firm conviction that he will soon have to re-issue the certificates earned, to add a Golden Seal so as to acknowledge the great job performed by one or more of these butlers.

As these lines are written, high season has started! The hotel is going to benefit from a high occupancy rate for many months. This will provide the butlers with numerous opportunities to show off not just everything they have just learned, but also their innate kindness and care.

Many thanks to all staff that helped with the organization and good progress of the training, and who took care of the instructor during his stay, including Eric, the photographer, who caught the best moments of the certifications hand-out for posterity with his knowledge and savoir-faire.

Susesi butlers, I wish you the best.