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New York City the Vibrant, NYC the Entitled

In New York City for an international conference of financiers.

The view from my room, a constant blur of motion and light…
and a street fair right outside, with a Hillbilly band playing and strangers dancing...

10 Hugo Click to listen to the Ebony Hillbillies.

This song gives the flavor, but the the upbeat one I would have preferred to have posted was too big to upload.

The cuisines of the world on every block

Theaters at every turn

What does NYC not have?

Inside the hotel, the powers of the world play
at a conference of grey suits and smooth complexions,
private meetings and deals quietly struck.

New York could be the center of the universe,
but location is not the only reason we visit.
$600 a night with no water or complimentary Internet access

makes one wonder whether some hoteliers look more fervently at the bottom line and keeping grey suits happy

than at the guest experience.

NY, you could be the center of the universe
if you weren’t so certain you already were