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The Modern Butlers’ Journal, March 2018, Review of Serving the Wealthy

Gretchen dePillis

Final Book Review of Serving the Wealthy, Sections on the Role of the Butler and the Principal’s Wines

How Much Wine Do I Need to Order? And an “Easter Egg”…

by Gretchen dePillis

Since the original duties of the “cup bearing” butler included maintaining the wine cellar, it is logical to assume that the butler must also know how to serve the beverage!

For a quick at-a-glance reference, do keep Serving the Wealthy Appendix 10A in Volume 2 at your fingertips. It is found on page 295 of that book. It gives a list of alcoholic beverages needed to serve a party of about 100 adult guests. It also provides very useful estimates to help gauge quantity needed if the guests will be attending a “champagne reception” versus enjoying champagne at the dessert course.

One wants to avoid running out of wine, liquor and champagne, yet also must be judicious about not over-ordering wastefully. Your employer will feel comfortable with your level of wine expertise when you order just the right amount for the guests.

Remember too, you can send a note to Modern Butlers’ very own Mr. Amer Vargas, should you have more questions.

A final note…when reading the two volumes of Serving the Wealthy, you may come across an “Easter Egg.” “Easter Eggs” are typically used in software development when the programmer embeds a secret treat, which goes above and beyond your expectations.

In this case, here is one “Easter Egg:” Did you know that if you purchase Serving the Wealthy, you can email for a complimentary PDF copy of Dead Meat, How to Deep Six the Darth Vaders in your Life without Breaking a Sweat, a book addressing difficult personalities and written by Professor Steven Ferry? (see Volume 1, page 123).

Enjoy this two-volume system of knowledge complete with at least one hidden “Easter Egg”—but can you find more?


Ms. dePillis is thanked for her series reviewing and extrapolating upon the oenological (study of wine) sections of the book

Ms. dePillis is a freelance contributor to the Journal who is based on the West Coast of the United States. She can be reached via depillis @


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