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Wintering in the Mountains

When looking for interesting destinations for your employer (or yourself), don’t miss the jewels of America. We spent Christmas in Asheville, which is known as the Paris of the South. There seems to be some truth to it.

While different in architecture, The Grove Park Inn in Asheville is on a par with and just a few miles from the Biltmore in Asheville.

The Grove Park Inn (showing the rear of the main building) was designed in 1913 following the English Arts and Crafts design movement that flourished from 1860 to 1910  
The hotel had a forest of Christmas trees, each decorated differently with a wealth of colorful ornaments  
The Blue Ridge mountains that surround Asheville offer many invigorating hikes and views 
Trout fishing for the love of it, because there were few if any trout in evidence that cold day 
And on a quirky note: with all that nature has to offer, it seems not to be able to compete with the lure of texting. Who knows, these three young ladies may have been texting each other.