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The Modern Butlers’ Journal, August 2020, Letters to the Editor

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Very, very interesting read. Can you pls suggest guidelines or a possible Covid 19 Manual for the daily housekeeping / F&B within a private residence? Ms. J.

Ed: Thanks for reaching out. One obviously has to follow the laws of the land and region, but the whole point about this virus is that it is not appreciably different from any other virus or germ, and is susceptible to normal hygiene and cleaning procedures followed by disinfecting with a hydrogen peroxide spray (or bleach, but that smells). There is no need to believe the heavy social and mainstream media fear being generated non-stop because it is not supported by the science and facts. Anyone who is ill should isolate, otherwise maintain good hygiene and cleanliness, and even spray disinfectant, but otherwise, follow the laws of the land until you can change them to align with science where they may have strayed.

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