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The Modern Butlers’ Journal, December 2020, Special Notice, Joint Action Against the South Africa Butler Academy

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On September 14, 2020, a group of ten adult students instituted a Joint Class Action in the South Africa National Consumer Commission against the South African Butler Academy Close Corporation (SABA), Butler Holdings Pty Ltd (BH), Butler Training Pty Ltd (BT), Guild Recruitment Close Corporation (GR), Mr. Newton Hilton Cross and his husband, Mr. William Adriaan Coetzer.

This is the second legal action against the defendants this year following Ms. Lin Yang’s combined summons, filed in the Cape Town High Court on August 4, 2020.

The ten students in the Joint Class Action come from six countries, including South Africa, Singapore, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Italy and Mozambique. These students were enticed into attending based on various claims made by the defendants that the students later realized to be false, such as: “Butler training at the No. 1 Butler School in the World”; advertisements for highly paid hospitality positions; SABA’s “internationally recognized certificate,” and Mr. Cross’ credentials.

These students additionally claim to have experienced inferior training and abusive treatment by the defendants. Two of the litigants had independently sought legal remedies previously, but had been forced to abandon the efforts due to the financial burden and claimed psychological trauma from dealing with the defendants.

If you would like to share information about the defendants, please contact the chief litigant, Ms. Lin Yang.

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