Jeffrey Herman Newsletter

The Modern Butlers’ Journal, May 2020, Consulting the Silver Expert

Consulting the Silver Expert

by Jeff Herman

Some random questions and answers

Q: Where can I find glass liners made for my open salt container (cruet)?

A: Pairpoint Glassworks will hand-blow liners in any color for open salts, ice buckets, casseroles, etc. They do excellent work and prices are very reasonable.

Q: Why can’t I remove a stain from my silver salver after serving a roast?

A: Obviously, there must have been an ingredient that discolored the salver.

Did you use a cellulose sponge with the polish? If so, you may want to try a cotton ball as it will condense the polishing ingredients. That’s what I do. If that doesn’t remove the stain, you may need something a bit more abrasive, like Wright’s. I’m sure by now that you know to stay away from Tarn-X!

Mr. Herman continues to offer his services to our readers for any questions you may have about the care of silver. Either contact him at (800) 339-0417 (USA) or via email: jeff @

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