Other Seminars & Courses

These trainings are modular, meaning that a variety of subjects are covered, one per module, and the only limit on the number of modules covered is the time available and budget.

Which modules will bring about the greatest change is determined after discussions with employer and butler about difficulties being encountered or goals envisioned, and fine-tuned with a brief site inspection the day before training begins.


Butler Persona

The attributes of the butler have been isolated and proprietary exercises and drills developed to bring these about in employees raised in a culture that has come adrift somewhat in terms of manners, etiquette, protocol, morals, ethics, and communication skills. Employees are given the information and then drilled and drilled until they are able to adopt the persona, attitude, and mindset that is so vital to effective butling and superior service.

Protocol and Etiquette

Protocol, manners and etiquette skills form an essential element in the fabric of higher society. While they are vital skills for all butlers in any situation, they become indispensable for those working in households where interaction with royalty, dignitaries, celebrities, and VIPs is part of the job description.

Basic Butler Skills

Once the butler persona has been acquired, the skill sets that apply to the private estate or yacht environment are taught, whether traditional skills such as cleaning silver and serving at table, valet skills, or advanced driving, cooking, etc.

Butler Apprenticeship

This training consists of applying the classroom skills learned in the actual environment of the estate, with instructor supervision and on-the-spot correction. Principals are serviced at first, then guests are added to the mix and finally VIPs are introduced until the trainees are certain of their roles and able to deliver with the requisite degree of aplomb.

Butler Executive Training

There is much that head butlers and other household service executives can learn and borrow from modern advanced management practices that have not been part of the traditional butler’s tool box. For example, where discipline was once the basic tool, effective techniques exist today for managing employees and organizing the household.

The Institute offers training on advanced management tools and systems that will put the butler in control of organizational and human resources issues that are common in private household settings. The end result of a smoothly running household are employees who are productive and working together as a real team, and an employer who can receive and enjoy excellent and thoughtful service.