Butler training

No shoes, great Mr. Fridays

Another visit to beautiful Maldives, this time to train in Tripadvisor’s Travellers’ Choice number 1 worldwide: Gili Lankanfushi.

Surrounded by transparent waters, white sand, beautiful corals and a great variety of sea life, this wonderful property is the perfect landmark for the butler’s cousin, the Mr. Friday, who provides the best of the best of services.

Whilst at the property, this instructor had the opportunity to be wowed by some of the Mr. Fridays, managing to really impress someone who is already used to receiving excellent service. Keep on working that way, my good men (and ladies)!

Mr. Fridays team

In this team, we have all sorts of profiles. Whilst all of the Mr. Fridays are openly service-hearted, it is interesting to note how some members are great kid-carers, whilst others are amazing artists, painters, musicians, or photographers. All together, they are a great mix of personalities that can bring about the ultimate wowing experience.

And so high is the attitude of this staff that the instructor couldn’t leave the property without awarding two International Institute of Modern Butlers Gold Seals, as a recognition to the great job they perform and they keep striving to improve.

To you, Yasir and Gasim, thank you for your amazing work!

Gasim, Mr. Calder, Yasir and Mr. Bahauddeen