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The Modern Butlers’ Journal, February 2021, My Butler Julius

Julius SmithMy Butler Julius

by Julius Smith

Valentine’s Day

From beleaguered London, I offer the following to rise above the continued craziness we are experiencing, particularly these days when we are being asked to stay at home yet again. It’s nice every now and then to do something special, and with Valentine’s Day coming up, what would be better than to show our appreciation for that very special person, yourself? Many of us in private service won’t be on duty that day, so why not use the day as an excuse to dress our dining table beautifully and push the boat out. As Valentine’s Day is about love, let’s set the mood and put cards and photographs on display. I like to scatter red roses over the table cloth. If you can, use the best china and open a bottle of champagne to celebrate. This is what we do for our principals on a regular basis, so let’s keep the tradition alive and treat ourselves this year!

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