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The Modern Butlers’ Journal, March 2020, Message from the Chairman

Steven FerryMessage from the Chairman

by Steven Ferry

You may have started to notice news reports in the mainstream media about the Wuhan coronavirus, also referred to as CoVid-19. We have been following it for the last 5-6 weeks through independent media. The lack of verified information and the influence of political persuasions of one stripe or another make it hard to gauge the actual situation accurately. Certainly there is panic and confusion, as well as multiple actions taken that, in hindsight (or appearing obvious while events are unfolding, to anyone with two brain cells to rub together), have proven unproductive in terms of containing the virus; so we are faced with a global health threat that is now expanding into a global economic threat.

Who knows where it will end, but in typical butler style, we calmly assess and resolve those areas over which we have some influence. A measured review of the situation without political curves being added will allow all of us, that is, mankind, to resolve this danger optimally. We can add to all other sensible responses by influencing those around us, and those who govern us, to act with caring for the long-term survival of all—we may be knee deep in the games we play against each other, but in the final analysis, we are all fellow travelers on the same path on Planet Earth, on the same Team Mankind, as opposed to Team Virus, Team Bacteria, or Team Locust. Let’s see if our team can’t win!

This obviously starts with you, your family, your employers, and guests. Have you stocked up with the provisions and the personal care products needed to last a month or two, should your area be locked down? Do you have cash in hand? There are multiple sources online providing advice on what you might need, in the event you are not prepared or do not already have your own emergency checklist.

If you take responsibility for your neighbors and their preparations, too, then you will not find them banging on your door because they have run low on supplies. And we will prove that Team Mankind still has what it takes.

Whatever happens between now and the next journal, we hope it will not be as bad as some predict and that we will all be sitting comfortably somewhere, sipping a latte or whatever, and enjoying the sunset.

Good fortune to us all in this mutual crisis.

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