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The Modern Butlers’ Journal, August 2020, Message from the Chairman

Steven FerryMessage from the Chairman

by Steven Ferry

The many positive responses to the three revealing articles on the collapse of global economies because of the mishandling of the virus has been very encouraging. The two individuals who did not appreciate the information provided an interesting view of those who support the current handlings: One wrote at considerable length about how bad the US President is—whereas the articles were about the pandemic, not the US presidency.

The other, whose email I regret I cannot find to reply to him personally, said that while he had been following the Institute for years, he now claimed the writer’s reputation was ruined as a result of all the «conspiracy theories» given in the articles. Luckily, reputations are a) of no real concern to the writer, and b) they are neither built nor destroyed based on the views of one individual.

But more particularly, it was disappointing to have hundreds of facts countered with a vague allegation of «conspiracy theory.» The hope was that a logical and clear discussion could take place so both parties could gain from some intelligent exchange of information. I have found that anyone who responds to facts with the ultimate put-down of «conspiracy theory» has a paucity of facts to offer in exchange and an unwillingness to expand his or her horizons. If this individual happens to be reading this, feel free to reengage, but first examine the 350 links and hundreds of facts presented in those three articles.

I must apologize for spending time on this pandemic when butler matters are more germane to the newsletter, but if there be a single butler, employer, or guest who has not been impacted greatly by the way the economies of the world have been driven into the ground by the responses to this virus, then I would surely like to know who it is! As such, the subject is worthy of discussion even in this organ. Not that we plan to discuss it further—the message has been stated, do with it what you will! There is plenty of other butler information to dig into in this issue and we hope you enjoy it.

Wishing you well.

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