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The Modern Butlers’ Journal, May 2018, Creative Corner

Kobi GutmanCreative Corner

by Kobi Gutman

Wood Photo Transfer

Here is an easy and a very special creation you can make for your guests to take home some memorable moments of their vacation, or as a personal touch to decorate their room and make them feel at home, and much more – a wood photo transfer.

For this project you will need a computer and printer, a gel medium (I used Liquitex Gloss Gel), a soft brush, a flat piece of wood and a bowl of water.

  1. On the computer, prepare the photo to be printed.  Add any desired design and text.






  1. Once done, flip the finished photo so it is a mirror image of itself as it will be flipped again in the transfer process.  Set it at the desired size and print (inkjet or a laser printer) and print a copy.





  1. Using the brush, apply a thin layer of the gel medium on the wood.





  1. Apply a thin layer of the gel medium on the printed photo.




  1. Set the printed photo on the wood. Be careful not to move the  paper once it has set, as this may smear the ink. Remove any air bubbles with a small piece of hard plastic.


  1. Let the gel dry overnight or, if you wish to speed the process, use a hair dryer.


  1. Once dry, dip your fingers in a bowl of water and start rubbing the paper, making it very damp. Be gentle, to avoid rubbing off the ink. This step can also be done in a sink, under running water.




Repeat until the paper starts to crumble and peel off.





  1. Once the paper has been removed completely, let the wood dry and there you have it: Your photo on wood!






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