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The Modern Butlers Journal, May 2018, Butlers In the Media

Steven Ferry

Butlers in the Media

by Steven Ferry

The Guardian offers a brief look at what it finds of interest about the world of the butler 50 years ago.

An interesting article on the true state of robots in service industries—and one refreshingly not called a robot butler for once.

And here’s another one for the books: An “Instagram Butler” —meaning a receptionist who takes photos of resort guests that they can post on Instagram.

This last item not related to butlers, but luxury hotels—$10 million US for a 12-day stay. The only competition for this hotel costs $20-40 million for a  stay of just a few days in something one would not really classify as being luxury. If you consider these prices as sky high and there must be something very special and out of this world about these hotels, then you are right on both counts. The competition is the International Space Station; the “cut-rate” offering is a luxury hotel that will be located “only” 200 miles out into space, and is launching in 2022. That’s pretty exclusive!






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