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The Modern Butlers’ Journal, June 2020, Letters to the Editor

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Regarding the editorial in the May MBJ on the pandemic

«I very much agree with all you have written. It will be very interesting to hear & read from all—including governments, pharmaceutical, & tech companies, what will be said & hopefully learned with hindsight from this sorry state of affairs.» RS

Ed: Agreed—we definitely need to learn the right lessons from this experience.

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«A very timely and informative article and true in my estimation!» PS

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«Regarding your editorial in the Modern Butler’s Journal dated May 1, I thought you were 100% correct.  A mentor once told me to be doubly aware of the difference between the words ‘reason’ and ‘excuse.’. Bypass the ‘excuse’ and find the ‘reason.’  I thought you nailed it quite nicely.  I am also greatly aware of the difference between the words «conspiracy» and «agenda.»

«Name calling has now become a substitute for debate because it is easier for someone who has been caught with their hand in the cookie jar to just call you a ‘conspiracy theorist’ rather than to explain their actual ‘agenda.’

«We now have couple of compliant generations disastrously groomed for compliance in government schools:»Don’t question, simply obey,» so they do not question the numbers or when ‘trusted’ government officials, such as Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont, declares the death of a toddler to be «coronavirus related,» even though the baby drowned  (we know he lied because the child’s parents were quite upset about this misrepresentation).

«Why would the governor lie about something so serious? Could it be that in his state, like so many others, when leadership operates in a world without accountability or consequences (such as creating fiscal time bombs by misappropriation of public pension monies), that telling a little fib to garner a greater share of that «stimulus» money becomes acceptable?

«CBS News was caught red-handed staging news at the Cherry Health Care Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan, by having the medical facility temporarily pull working employees from their duties to form ‘long testing lines’ in their cars in order to give the impression of the hospital being swamped when there were was actually no demand. Again, the reason we know is because some of those employees objected. ‘Let no crisis go to waste, even if you have to create a crisis.’ Thank you, Rahm Emanuel. So thank you, I very much appreciate your words.» AM

Ed: I am glad you agree with the article and love your points re: agenda, name calling, and the falsification of statistics—spot on. In the end, it is not about us individually, but everyone doing well and as you say, there is an awful lot of criminality and dishonesty going on at the moment that cuts across real solutions.

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«I have been sceptical but cautious over the Covid 19 outbreak. Our hospitals are not full but so many operations and medical procedures have been put on hold. It makes you wonder, whether other sacrifices are being made to worry about this virus, when there are thousands of viruses out there and few treatments for other ailments available, causing unnecessary deaths and suffering which can also be blamed on Covid 19. Are we at a time in our history where we are being played?  Is this virus an experiment to determine a future where we are all fodder for manipulation?

«The online Media appear to be part of a government propaganda scheme to control and manipulate thought process, to prevent sceptics from being aired and to block or ban any negative connotations that we maybe are being duped and that unless the government continues to curb our activities, we will question what it was all about because it was not as severe as it was first prescribed. The question is, are the death rates being exaggerated to puff up the seriousness of the pandemic? Are normal deaths being put down as Covid-19 and why have death rates been rising so quickly lately, when curves were meant to be falling? The rate of infection only shows that more testing is taking place, whereas, I had a cough for 6 weeks and no test was available, only critical workers could be tested, so it makes sense that anyone around sick people if unprotected would be more vulnerable.

«It is not completely clear if there is a global scam taking place: there is certainly a virus but we have no clarity on how severe it is. No one that we know has died from it, a great number of hospital wards are almost empty, hospital car parks are virtually empty, no visitors allowed, no one allowed to go in and visit their family members… something does not quite add up. What I find to be a problem is the complete lack of questioning and investigation into what this virus is, where it has come from, what the history of it is, whether it is man-made, or whether market practices that have existed for thousands of years have suddenly mutated a virus and this has spread globally. 

«Our whole way of life has been compromised as the governments scurry around either finding out the truth or covering up the truth but keeping most of whatever they find away from public scrutiny.  If you have ever knowingly felt lied to, you will know that you have smelt a rat. If you can feel or sense a global cover up, you realise the governments are working together and sensationalising this pandemic as an opportunity to take tighter controls on populations, or use it for political gain to prop up controls and position themselves so they come out of this as a government who have appeared capable and caring, but have in fact been made stronger by taking a total grip on control mechanisms despite the plight of its people.

«There are ‘conspiracy theories everywhere, but one person I have enjoyed listening to is a former BBC reporter called David Icke, who has now been banned and all his media removed from YouTube and Facebook; he is being erased but has raised the questions and it is strange to see which government bodies have been influencing the ban on people like him. 

«Another person you would enjoy listening to is Delores Cahill, who is a genetic scientist of virus mutations and she has a wealth of experience and advise which has been ignored. She basically asks the same questions as David Icke but also provides the answers through her own work, see [Ed note: The link demonstrates the censorship by YouTube that the writer is complaining about]

«Is there is a global cover-up and are the lockdowns completely unnecessary? We may well all have had the virus and are now just being controlled and manipulated. We must stand together and we must ask the questions, otherwise future generations will think we are just muppets while our friends and families have been scared and intimated and made financially dependent upon the government and in debt for many years to come. No one has won but the massive financial institutes who are behind our governments. Kind regards and massively sceptical.» WF

Ed: Thanks very much for having the courage to look at this pandemic subject and share your own research and views. You are quite right to be skeptical and have spotted the areas which do not add up. This whole travesty is actually part of an agenda and not a valid medical emergency, no more than the flu or a car accident are, and certainly it does not make sense to collapse the entire world economy and civil and human rights over it. Where something does not make sense, it bears closer inspection.

On a personal level, it is better to boost the immune systems with vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D, A, etc.—natural versions, not the petrochemical versions from pharmaceutical companies—so you do not catch the virus in the first place. And even if you did, the likelihood is almost zero that anyone below retirement age will experience more than mild symptoms at the most—probably none—unless they have an underlying condition, such as a lung or heart condition and are taking statins.

Update: Although anyone questioning the official narrative has been disappeared from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and the Google search engine and also villified to put other people off them, they are available on other platforms that are starting to spring up. My upcoming paper on the subject will be published in a week or two and will provide many links to other voices and a wealth of fascinating information so readers can have access and make up their own mind.

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Continuing the correspondence with Alex Parker for his article on Batman’s Batman:

Alex: Here’s my piece–thanks a lot, again, for your help.

Ed: Excellent writing, Alex, well-constructed and delivered. You have taught me as much about Batman’s provenance and raison d’etre as I may have opened the doors into the world of butling for you. One question: What does “schamus” mean? I could not find it anywhere. A pleasure working with you, and thanks for the quotes and link. Wishing you continued success as a writer.

Alex: Not surprising that you couldn’t find «schamus,» because it’s supposed to be shamus. Glad you pointed that out, I’ll change it. It means a detective, not sure where it comes from originally, I think of it as a term from old detective novels. Thanks so much for your praise, I really appreciate it. Was fun putting this together, it’s an idea I’ve had for a long time, but I learned some surprising things.

Ed: Thanks, Alex. Now that you mention it, the word rings a very, very distant bell that I cannot locate precisely, but I have heard it somewhere before. Its etymology is quite telling for Pennyworth:

«Police officer, detective,» 1920, apparently first in The Shamus, a detective story published that year by Harry J. Loose (1880-1943), a Chicago police detective and crime writer; the book was marketed as «a true tale of thiefdom and an expose of the real system in crime.» The word is said to be probably from Yiddish shames, literally «sexton of a synagogue» («a potent personage only next in influence to the President»,  Israel Zangwill), from Hebrew shamash, «servant;» influenced by the Celtic Seamus, James, as a typical name for an Irish policeman.»

Alex: Huh, that’s funny. It does sound like it’s a word that could either be Yiddish or Irish, that’s probably why I thought it had «sch» in it.

Ed: Well spotted! So, another mystery bites the dust, my dear Watson….er Jeeves….er Pennyworth.

Alex: “Indeed, Sir!”

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