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The Modern Butlers’ Journal, September 2019, Let’s Talk about Mixology

Amer A. VargasLet’s Talk about Mixology, Part 47

by Amer A. Vargas


Gimlet cocktails, photograph courtesy of our friends at

This time we travel back in time to review and enjoy a very classic cocktail that is thought to be first produced about nine decades ago!

The gimlet is a concoction famous for its tangy and acidic taste, a consequence of using lime juice (although some more modern versions use lime cordial) as a mixer.

The preparation is really simple, as it is served directly in a highball or lowball glass filled with ice. Add 45 ml/1.5 oz of gin, followed by 15 ml/ 0.5 oz of lime juice, then soda to the drinker’s taste and finish by garnishing with one or two lime and/or lemon wedges or slices.

And if you prefer vodka to gin, just change the choice of spirit and you can enjoy a Vodka Gimlet.

Whether gin or vodka, cheers!

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