The Modern Butlers’ Journal, May 2019, In Their Words

IIMB logoIn Their Words

How those trained by the Institute’s trainers feel about their experience, or their managers about the results

From Fushifaru, Maldives butlers:

“Budi is the best trainer I have ever had, with a lot of positivity and motivation, and an enthusiasm that goes beyond expectations, explaining every detail. He changed the way I think professionally and in my personal life—a totally positive outlook and new mindset.” KK

The attitude with which the training is done—not so formal but easy going and open minded —helps you to relax and learn more, not being afraid to ask questions” AK

“I really understand how the butler is meant to perform.” RD

“I learned how to communicate with guests in different situations and how to control the situation: I have learned many things that I did not know before, and how important butler service is for guests.  The trainer explains things so well and  motivates us so we are confident we can do it.” HR

And from The Butler Experience in Mauritius:

“The training is of an advanced level with precise information—I’ve learned emotional engagement and have already started to use the concept with very good results. I’m now able to better understand why people behave in a particular manner thanks to the fact that I understand the make-up of the mind, how people are triggered, and what to do about it.  Professor Ferry is a great scholar and has profound knowledge on a wide range of things—he is sharp—thank you for this great learning experience.DBAC

“I acquired a lot of useful information that will help me further my career. I really appreciate the method the trainer used and I love the techniques for studying—if I had only had these techniques before, I would be a genius, but I will use them and keep learning the way the trainer showed me. I have never before had the information about emotions and the mind and will use them in my life as well as my workplace. What did I like the most? Everything!” SZS

“The best butler course that I ever did. The trainer exhibited enormous patience when any of us took time to understand, explaining things with examples.” SMA

“Everything I learned was useful for the job, as well as in my life. The best trainer I ever had, brilliant in all ways. He made our training fun and very enriching, changing my mindset on how to be a good butler.” RA

“Thanks from my heart!” GD

“I have done a lot of training with many different trainers and groups—this was completely unique and different, and I learned a lot and improved myself.” SZS

“An understanding person, a very good teacher and a very good human being.PJ

“The best trainer I have ever had—a dream and brilliant in all ways, enriching.” CP

“I have learned so many useful things to put into practice in my professional life and future career, as well as my day-to-day personal life, such as dealing with and managing others, and my own lifestyle. I am so lucky to have had the best professional trainer with a world of experience who is proud and keen and passionate to share his knowledge with us, and he knows his subject very well, and makes us into better, caring hospitality professionals.” JJA