The Modern Butlers’ Journal, January 2019, In Their Words

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How those trained by the Institute’s trainers feel about their experience—this month from Raffles, Milaidhoo and the Nautilus, all in the Maldives, as well as from graduates in Jamaica and the Sheraton Full Moon and Spa, also in the Maldives

Feedback from graduates at The Nautilus private island and Milaidhoo in the Maldives

“The trainer was very positive, professional, and patient with us.” KI

“This was the 4th time I have attended Mr. Ferry’s training—all very useful and lots of knowledge shared, particularly on how to tackle different emotions in different situations, how to handle different guests, and guest complaints.” MR

“I learned a lot of things: the training was amazing.” IM

“The trainer put a lot of effort into the training, he demonstrated presence, his sense of humour was impeccable. The training was a good wake-up call as well as a refresher.” IS

“The best training I have ever had. I loved how the lessons were done, everything was perfect. I learned how to be a person whom others around respect in life, and on the job, I learned how to handle guests in any situation, and how to understand their feelings.” AHA

“Very good lessons on emotional and communication skills, for life in general and particularly as a butler.” RN

“To be very honest, Mr. Ferry is such an excellent trainer, very empowered to deliver and share all his knowledge—one of the best training sessions I have ever attended. Usually, theory classes are kind of boring and sleepy, however, I did not even become bored, and never wasted a single moment, instead, listening and understanding everything being taught—especially new ideas on how to handle very tricky situations and guest complaints. Now I know how to be comfortable handling guest issues.” JM

“The information I learned on emotions is very important for my job, and the training was very fulfilling, with wonderful help from the trainer.” MSA

“I learned so much about emotions and human behavior, how and why people react and why they are sometimes rational and irrational. It helped me a lot!” GSA

“I am so grateful to be a part of this informative training. The trainer gives attention to each one of us and everything we say—we felt important. I loved all of the training, especially the EQ skills and lifting people’s emotional levels. I strongly believe this will benefit me for the rest of my life, both personal and professional. Thank you so much for explaining it in a way that we understand.” FK

“I highly appreciated the way the training was done—amazing.” MAM

“The trainer was extremely helpful, friendly, and real, explaining facts about life.” IAAS

“The trainer is like a mini-Google.” AN

“I have done this training before: it was a good refresher, but also, I learned new things.” AH

“The trainer was a cheerful, supportive, and informative role model.” A

“The trainer makes sure that each and every point is well understood and patiently assists where it is not understood.” AA

Extracts from butlers at Raffles Maldives Meradhoo

“Mr. Budi is an absolute genius & well experienced in his teachings. What is more impressive about him is his humbleness and listening to whatever we have to say and always providing positive but realistic feedback. His knowledge is impeccable and I am very inspired by Mr. Budi throughout the training…. I look forward to more training under Mr. Budi to further progress my hospitality career. “ AT

“Budi is experienced in the butler position and training, his class is easy to take in and very motivational…. He is a career model.” JM

“What I like more about the trainer (Mr. Budi) is he is very humble and knows the hospitality industry more than anyone who works in this industry, because of his knowledge he is a master himself. For me, it was a golden opportunity to learn something from him. He was always ready to answer questions even if they were off topic.” SAI

“The training I received from the Modern Butlers Institute was one of a kind that I could not imagine existed. For me, butlers is just doing the job for the guest but when I joined this training …. I have encountered lots of training in anywhere with different trainers. Each one of them have their own style on how to deliver each topics, Mr. Budi is different person. He has lots of experiences in hospitality industry in which we all can relate …. And the modules from Modern Butlers Institutes are so useful to us in real life and anywhere else. I have learned so many things which I did not know before. The training was perfect for me…. Thank you Mr. Budi for this opportunity and time that you have given us. You are good person with full of passion in life. I know that everything you want to do in life, everything is possible for you because of your dedication in it and you really want to achieve it. Thank you for the generosity in sharing all your knowledge as much as you remember them to share it with us so we have an easy and comfortable job a butler and in real life. May you inspire more students like us and will become a successful person.” MMM

“I like that in training we are not focused with SOPs, instead we learned how to think and see from guest perspective or from other people. This is very important for both professional and personal life as well….. We are very lucky to have Mr. Budi as our trainer. He is a friendly man how did not put anyone below him. And it is visible that he loves what he do, and influence people with his inspirational mood.” OL

“The trainer paid attention to every trainee, and everyone got equal knowledge and skills that will help them in the future career. The training was not boring and theory only. It contained a lot of practice and games to make trainee memorize all materials and keep the staff motivated and interested for the study.” AS

“I did learn some of the most useful thing in my life; how to build the mindset, how to understand people feelings, how to deal with people, how to set the goals and achieving it. I really love it! Mr Budi is one of the most talented trainer I have seen in my life, he has a very open mind to everyone, very friendly, talkative, and good listener. For him every student is important, no discrimination, no favorite person. All are the same for him. I would like to say he is genius.” SH

Some feedback from Azul Sensatori Negril

“I really liked how (the trainer) interacted with each and everyone of us. He took the time to, step by step, explain how to perform the proposed techniques.”

“What I liked the most about the training was the fact that our trainer knew exactly what he was teaching and the examples he used. He let us understand whatever he was proposing. I must say this is one of the best trainings I have ever had.”

“Mr. Vargas was fun. He is truly, by far, an excellent trainer. He was very warm and professional without our line-up. Those six days were surprising… Because of Mr. Vargas we can all go out there and do our duties in a truly professional way.”

“The training was an excellent one. I really loved and enjoyed it and the trainer was lovely too. He made everything clear so that I can understand what he presented. I learnt many things from him. He did a tremendous job!”

“Couldn’t have asked for a better presenter. Mr. Vargas knows how to keep all the participants eyes-wide open. His presentation was informative and educational. Thanks to his level of knowledge, my butler skills and knowledge will improve.”

And a few words from the Villa Hosts at Sheraton Full Moon and Spa

“I would like to thank you for what I have learned from you. As a manager and a departmental trainer, I still have many things to learn and improve. Your coaching attitude inspired me a lot. Again, thank you so much.” AS

(The best of the training was:) “The trainer, his way of teaching and his attitude towards the trainees.”

“The performance and language of the teacher was remarkable. He makes you want to improve your language. 🙂 He provided very valuable information about different ways of the (human) mind and the way they react. Good video support of the theory. The looks and manners of the teacher were a true example of a butler. Thank you!”

“I liked the training very much because Mr. Amer teaches things in a very easy way to understand. It will be very easy to implement what we learned in our daily job.”

“Overall, the training was amazing and especially the trainer’s attention to detail, making sure the person understands what he is presenting. A very straight-forward trainer.”

“I liked Mr. Vargas being very straight forward and open to all his trainees and their ideas. Very informative and very easy to approach. I just wish it could be a longer training.

“Mr. Amer, our trainer, was very knowledgeable about the butler concept. I feel that I am lucky to have had the chance to get this training from him. In the hospitality industry you must always learn new things every day. In my 9 years (in the industry) I learned many things, but after attending Mr. Amer’s training, I learned how to fine-tune the things I had previously learnt.”

“I liked the trainer. (Mr. Vargas) is a wonderful and amazing trainer.”

“It was a very interesting training. I learnt a lot about human behaviour.”

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