The Modern Butlers’ Journal, April 2020, In Their Words

IIMB logoIn Their Words

How those trained by the Institute’s trainers feel about their experience, or their managers about the results

“I have never had a trainer who could explain things so easily—I learned a different way to live my life.” AFAG

“The communication part of the training was extremely useful, finally I know how to approach the guests and how to be with them throughout their stay. The content of this training, especially the mindset part, is something that is helpful in our everyday life, and I will carry and improve on these skills. I needed a change of perspective and this training has opened more my eyes in a positive way.”

“The trainer is a fantastic person, the most interesting thing about him being his experience. His knowledge is extraordinary and he was able to transmit his beliefs and skills in an easy way. The training is really great and the fact that we had both theory and practical lessons was perfect.” GM

“The trainer is someone who is needed in every company: He taught us things that our school teachers never taught us.” AM

“The training is a mind opener—I have never met a person who understands so much and how to train people—I have learned much about life and the work place.” AS

“The training was perfect! I learned how to control emotions and how our mindset should be towards the guests. The training didn’t feel like the normal training where we fall asleep: The way this trainer teaches was so interesting that we loved it totally, never (felt) sleepy!”

“Everything about the trainer is awesome, the best part about him being that he has experiences from a waiter all the way through to an Area General Manager, and he expresses this experience humbly.  Thanks a lot for opening our eyes, it was a great and fruitful time with you, I won’t forget it.” IH

“I have learned to understand that in this job, communication, understanding, and your dignity as a butler and as human being matter. The trainer, Budi, is very approachable and the training was really applicable not only to the butler job, but also to daily life.” AM

The Institute is dedicated to raising service standards by broadly disseminating the mindset and superior service expertise of that time-honored, quintessential service provider, the British Butler, updated with modern people skills, and adapted to the needs of modern employers and guests in staffed homes, luxury hotels, resorts, spas, retirement communities, jets, yachts & cruise ships around the world.