Butler training

Butlers with Karisma next to turquoise waters near Cancun

Almost three weeks have gone by while I worked in the different properties of Karisma Hotels & Resorts in Mexico, to train its butlers. Undoubtedly, this was a remarkable group whose hallmarks were its eagerness to learn, its interest in and attention for all the concepts presented, as well as its excellent sense of humor and willingness to interact with each other and the trainer.

Villa Esmeralda's Private Dock

The training classes took place during the mornings and mid-afternoons, so the instructor took advantage of the late afternoons and evenings to get a taste of the local area. It was characterized by white-sand beaches, turquoise and transparent waters, coconut palms of beautiful greens, and a fauna which abounded with life in
many forms: all kinds of crabs, tapirs, monkeys, iguanas, birds of very peculiar cawing, many fish species which one may render a visit to by snorkeling…and even crocodiles (whom the trainer waved hello to, but from a safe distance!).

The training took place near the quiet little village of Puerto Morelos, a mere 40km away from famous Cancun. The surroundings were overgrown with thick mangrove swamps and dotted with natural, deep pools in old limestone caves. Also nearby is Playa del Carmen, a bigger town that offersmany tourist attractions for visitors, commonly Americans and Canadians, who seem to enjoy more crowded places as much as the typical architecture of the area.

The trainer leaves behind a beautiful group of butlers, who are ready for a more than promising future, and more than one butler who will undoubtedly soon be awarded a well-deserved Golden Seal on his or her certificate, to reward them for a job performed to a standard of excellence.

Great things await those who are ready and willing to work showing their best attitude… Good luck!”