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The Modern Butlers’ Journal, September 2019, Butlers In the Media

Steven FerryButlers in the Media

by Steven Ferry

“Home energy butlers” and a hotel package that includes a robot butler delivering an engagement ring and bottle of champagne together with an on-screen proposal for marriage are some of the latest pieces of ill-conceived creativity involving our august profession.

The mis-steps of the butler to Jeffrey Epstein continue to be revealed, making it clear that he knowingly supported and facilitated the paedophile in his abuse of young girls. If anyone finds themselves in a similar situation of having slid down a slippery slope, then reach out to us, we can help you put order and sanity back into your life. Don’t travel the same road as Epstein’s butler, who has since passed on prematurely. This is where duty to yourself and society supersedes any loyalty to an employer.

On a more positive note, an interesting article in Forbes identifies boutique hotels as a driving force in luxury travel—with passionate and hands-on ownership playing a key role—as we have observed in the clients whom we service, and whom we also note, recognize the value of personalized service from butlers in achieving their high standards.

Also in Forbes, a guest was especially wow’d by the Head Butler on the Regent Seven Seas Voyager.

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