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The Modern Butlers’ Journal, In Their Words, April 2018

In Their Words…

How those trained by the Institute’s trainers feel about their experience

“Mr. Vargas proved to be a knowledgeable, patient, and passionate trainer and the feedback from the students couldn’t be better: In fact, they have all been united in their view that both the theory and practice classes were very interesting  and exceeded everyone’s expectations. They have a renewed confidence in their skills and now know which areas they should develop individually, not only at work but also in their personal life. Our team members learned new communication and interpersonal skills that will no doubt allow them to meet every guest’s expectations in wow’ing them. It is indeed a joy to watch how engaged and involved they all are, contributing in excellent ways to the everyday hotel operation, constantly interacting with their teams and briefing them on ways to improve and develop their service delivery. In summary, we are truly honoured to have had Mr. Amer Vargas as a coach. Thank you for inspiring the team!”  TM


The Institute is dedicated to raising service standards by broadly disseminating the mindset and superior service expertise of that time-honored, quintessential service provider, the British Butler, updated with modern people skills, and adapted to the needs of modern employers and guests in staffed homes, luxury hotels, resorts, spas, retirement communities, jets, yachts & cruise ships around the world.