On-Line Training

Copyright (c) Matt Buchanan

Copyright (c) Matt Buchanan

What if you cannot afford:

  • For your existing staff or new hires to take time off from their busy schedules for on-site training?
  • Or for them to train at a Butler school (existing only for private-service butlers)?
  • Or maybe you prefer not to invest the $15,000 fee (on average), plus travel costs and wages for the two months spent training at a private-service butler school, but you would still like your staff to receive some formal butler training?

Then an Internet-based on-line and long-distance learning course may be a viable option.

The information employee trainees receive from an Institute on-line course are more intensive than that available in butler schools. While there are copious amounts of practical assignments on these on-linecourses, the downside is obviously that there is no tutor on site to correct and demonstrate, and no field trips are arranged. This lack can be rectified in part by guidance on possible field trips and additional training (on such as firearms training or wine service) to be conducted in the local area, and a brief visit on site by Institute personnel at the conclusion of the training, if desired.

The course for those in private service is based on the best-selling industry text, Serving the Wealthy, The Modern Butler’s & Household/Estate(s) Manager’s Companion, Volumes I & 2, as well as many other industry books and DVD’s. For an outline of this course, please check the course modules here.

The Institute also provides a course for housekeepers, which is based on the above butler course and is about half its length.

The course for those in the hospitality industry is based on the best-selling industry text, Hotel Butlers, The Great Service Differentiators, as well as many other industry books and DVD’s. For an outline of this course, feel free to check the course modules here.


These online courses include checklists detailing the reading and practical assignments, as well as projects to be done. All students have an open line via email (and if need be, via telephone and videoconferencing) to their tutors for questions and guidance on professional matters. Spanish-speaking students can be assisted in Spanish.

Both full Butler Courses take about four hundred hours of study to complete (equivalent to 8-10 weeks of full-time study at a bricks-and-mortar school) and cost US$2,500 each. Materials are purchased via Amazon for approximately $350.


Shorter courses in specific subjects are also available, as follows:

Private Service Management Skills: takes about two hundred hours to complete and costs US $1,000. Materials needing to be purchased for this course (via Amazon) cost about $250.00.

The Housekeeper Course: takes about two hundred hours to complete and costs US $1,000. Materials needing to be purchased for this course (via Amazon) cost about $250.00.

Private Service Basics for Butlers, Household Managers and Others Serving the Wealthy: US $750

Fine Dining Skills for Butlers, Household Managers and other private service professionals: US $600

Private Service Specialty Courses for Butlers, Household Managers and other private service professionals, each covering a specific topic:

  • Valeting Skills and Looking after Guests: US $300
  • The Bar and Wine Cellar: US $200
  • The Culture and Way of Cigars: US $200
  • Moving House: US $200
  • Security and the Oddjob Factor: US $200

All graduates receive certificates of completion from the Institute.

If you would like more information, please e-mail us.


“This course and your mentoring have been some of the most valuable education and training I have experienced. I am only sorry that I did not receive such training when I was in my early 20s—what a difference it would have made in my life and career. Yes, I have a wonderful life, and my career has been successful; but I can look back and see remarkable benefits that might have been realized had I simply had the skills of a proper English butler. Not a day passes now that I do not use my training. I have observed in life that there are few truly dependable people. You are proving to be one of them. Thanks, and thanks again.”

“I am writing to express my gratitude for your utmost professional guidance and for the fantastic materials that you have created in the Correspondence Course.”

“From the moment I opened the Butlers & Household Managers there was no way back for me. At that stage, I did not have any service background whatsoever, and it was a magical experience to discover my interest in the content of the book, enough even to prompt me to learn English. Beginning then on the course, I was amazed at the thoroughness of the materials—I understand the importance of every single Module.”

“No other butler school concentrates as much on the mindset of the butler, the understanding of which is paramount. I simply cannot think of a better idea than structuring the course on the butler mentality fundamentals. Everything else simply flows naturally from this understanding, which makes the studying process really enjoyable! The skills and knowledge I have gained are helping me in everyday life.”

“Some assignments were really challenging, but it was a pleasure to accept these challenges and broaden my capabilities in these fields.”

“I honestly think that you are the best teacher that I have ever had (!), and your personal approach and expertise is what makes the studying process interesting. Without doubt, your personal example will serve as a reference point throughout my career and beyond!”

“The value of what you give to people like me cannot be assessed with money. To summarize my experience with the Private Service Butler and Household Manager course, I feel that it can offer as much for beginners as it does to people with work experience in the service industry. Absolutely sterling!”