Hospitality Training

Butlers have represented the pinnacle of service quality for centuries. The more astute owners and managers of hotels, hotel condominiums, private villas and resorts have recognized this over the last several decades and instituted a hospitality version of butler service.

Increasing numbers of hospitality venues are following suit because the standards of service, in a service-based industry, require them to meet rising guest expectations.

Where do the pioneers with butler service go next? How do those without butler service implement it?

The answer is easy: after an initial brief consultation, you can proceed with training, apprenticeships and quality control, as well as innovative programs that leverage the earning power of butlers.

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Specific Institute programs that are available through seminars and courses:

  • Butler Persona
  • Basic Butler Skills
  • Advanced Butler Skills & Services
  • Butler Apprenticeshi
  • Etiquette & Protocol
  • Butler Managers Training

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Additional benefits:

  • Increased rack and occupancy rates from word-of-mouth and repeat visits.

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The Institute is a Founding Partner of the International Luxury Hotel Association.

For a complimentary e-mail and /or telephone consultation,  please e-mail us or call us at 1-813-354-2734. We are happy to help clarify your training needs and suggest options for a winning training program.

Feedback from satisfied clients

If we have not touched and changed the lives of our students, we have fallen short; for nobody is born a butler and becoming one requires a change in point of view, attitude, expectations, and mindset that reaches beyond the professional life of our trainees.

“Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s such a pleasure to share the intensity of emotions filling this room. Knowledge is the key to life and you, Professor Steven Ferry, gave us a bunch of keys to open so many doors. When we were told of the upcoming training, we were excited to meet you—and for some of us, it was a double pleasure to meet you again! Every day, your positive attitude and cheerful smile motivated us to learn and become better butlers, more educated, more knowledgeable, thoughtful and disciplined. With your guidance, we improved our skills and service standards to a new level. Thank you for your time, attention to detail, and your patience. It’s a great honor to be certified by The International Institute of Modern Butlers. After such an amazing 16 days, we are sad to say ‘Goodbye,’ but the world is small and we eagerly await our next meeting, no matter when, where, or how.”

Butler Graduation St. Regis Vommuli, Maldives

“Your trainings have definitely had impact: I receive little to no complaints from guests, on the contrary, just praises and the butlers refer to what they have learned from you and use the gained knowledge, which is excellent! I truly hope we can continue working together, with more training next year.”

J.P., Resort Manager.

“Dear Professor Ferry,

PlazaBowTie200wOn behalf of our entire Management Team, I would like to  thank you personally for all the effort, support and assistance extended to our trainees during the outstanding program you have created on behalf of Al Faisaliah Hotel.

Your hard work, personal commitment and dedication have all contributed to keeping the hotel at the top of a list of preferred employers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The skills and knowledge which you have shared with our butlers will serve to enhance their confidence and abilities, inspire passion and motivate them to grow in their roles and positions within our company.

As we continue to seek to nurture and develop our team of butlers, we hope to work closely with you and the Institute for many years to come.

Yours truly,”

P.F., Hotel Manager.

“Dear Mr. Ferry,

A much-belated note of thanks for you and Budi Prihardjanto for the butler training conducted here at Rosewood Corniche in October/early November.

The one month intensive training you both provided was the perfect mix of hands-on skills training, communication skills training, strengthened by the focus on developing the team’s ability to adopt the persona, behavior, mindset and attitude of the Butler. A great balance between classroom work and drilling which, along with each of your own training delivery styles, ensured our trainees were fully engaged.

As you know this is the first time that Rosewood Hotels in Saudi Arabia utilized the Institute for this training. Having used other renowned trainers in this field, our expectations were extremely high, however the results have truly exceeded these expectations, so much so that we wish to start making tentative arrangements for next fall.

It is early days, however the impact and results of the training already start to speak for themselves:

– Much improved morale and teamwork in the Butler Department
– Butler service is now much more pro-active and coordinated
– Number of glitches reduced and Guest Satisfaction scores increased
– Increased number of Butlers mentioned by name in the Guest Satisfaction Questionnaires

Based on this I would not have any hesitation to recommend the services of the International Institute of Modern Butlers, particularly Budi Prihardjanto and yourself, to any establishment looking to launch Butler Service or move their existing Butler Service delivery to a new level.

I look forward to welcoming you back to the Pearl of the Red Sea next fall and until  then, I remain,

Yours sincerely,”

Hotel Manager.

“Thank you for all the training and knowledge you shared with us: we have had such wonderful guest feedback on the service and the butlers, and owe a lot of that to you. Looking forward to welcoming you back with us again soon.”

GM, Boutique hotel, Cape Town, South Africa.

“Dear Mr. Ferry,

Thank you very much for conducting the 8 days butler training at our villas. We found your training very well tailored for our needs, your material and delivery were exceptional and we are grateful for your willingness to work closely with us to make the adjustments to the curriculum and schedule as needed.

The butlers are still excited about the training and our service standards have (been) raised, as well as the morale of the butler department, much to the credit of your outstanding training.
The extra days spent observing the butlers and providing valuable feedback were well spent and we have reviewed all the notes with the respective butlers and departments.

We hope we will have the opportunity to utilize your services again and wish you all the best!”

KSJ, Resort Director.

“The best $25,000 I have ever spent on an outside vendor.”

GM, Resort, Paradise Island, Bahamas.

“We would like to thank you sincerely for your hard work and time dedicated throughout the hotel butler course—and for going the extra-mile to advance our employees’ knowledge, techniques, and skill.”

GM, Phuket.


“I really enjoyed being able to understand the mind set of a butler before learning the day-to-day duties. This butler training has been a great jump-start for our department and given us the needed tools to run a successful Department and provide top notch service…great job”

Head Butler, NYC.

“Words cannot describe how much I appreciate you for what you have taught me and the entire butler team, and how useful this training is for us—as the ideal professional training for the butler team of the biggest hotel in the Caribbean to match the very high expectations of our guests , management and owners. I definitely believed in your vision, you have touched many topics and details, enlarged our profession, and made us much better butlers. Your training totally matching with the resort’s vision, to extend superior invisible professional service without any kind of intrusion to our guest experience or crossing the line. It was so useful in giving us a good understanding of the guest mentality, and dealing with them sociologically to reach to the maximum satisfaction—your training is so deep in the operation and has a great focus to the attention to the smallest details. The training is so real and true that we are practicing it in our lives and so made us better people, able to deal with different situations that were hard to deal with in the past, and which also will be so useful to apply on our guest to get better results. For me personally, I needed this training at this stage of my career, I have waited for it so long and finally I have it, and it is worth it and exceeded my expectations as well as everyone else’s in my team.”

MA, Butler Manager.

“It has been a great experience gaining knowledge on different aspects of management skills to use in our work environment. It will help guide our team members to the next level, working on common goals.”

Head Butler, Dubai.

“At the end of the course, we had obtained a lot of knowledge, experience, and training skills. I appreciated highly the enthusiasm and the training methods adopted and the way you successfully transferred your knowledge, experience, and the attitude of a professional trainer to all of us. Hoping to attend further training with you.”

NV, Butler Manager, Burj al Arab.

“A very effective training for our current role and future career growth; educates us in every aspect of our professional and personal life. The training had lots of positive effects on motivating colleagues in providing exceptional services to our guests.”

M, Butler Manager, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai

“The classes taught us not only technical skills, but also helped the team understand the why behind each lesson: It was never acceptable to replicate action, but rather to adapt it to each individual personality and situation. Mr. Ferry’s sense of humor and ability to effectively communicate kept our attention throughout a long training period. By quickly getting through the classroom portion, we were able to drill the skills more and become comfortable with what we had just learned. It was great to be able to tailor the lessons to the Arrabelle’s constrictions and learn that most importantly, common sense overrides rules. Besides the skills learned, I appreciated the time with Mr. Ferry to talk through management issues and really felt that at the end of the time we had made breakthroughs with upper management regarding problems I have been dealing with alone for the past 6 months. The presentation to the managers and executive committee was kept upbeat but firm, which seemed to be well received. Overall the time Mr. Ferry spent here was invaluable for setting up and managing the butler department.”

KC, IRD Dir, Arrabelle, Vail, Colorado.

“As one who has gone through formal private service butler training in the past, I cannot thank Mr. Ferry enough for the added insight into the mindset of the higher service standard. His continued emphasis on surpassing the acceptable, on demanding the extraordinary that we are each capable of providing, has not only given each individual the tools, but also given the entire team the ability to work together efficiently, to provide the ultimate ‘wow’ for each guest. Would I have changed or altered the curriculum? Wished for a different focus? No and no. One can¹t change what was tailor-made for one’s success. I truly can not thank the Institute enough for the knowledge, expertise, and direction in shaping the success of the department.”

KWP, Butler Manager.

“Our sincere thanks for your hard work and dedication in the training you offered at our hotel. The team thoroughly enjoyed the curriculum and were delighted to have been able to spend time with someone of your standing in the butler profession.”

FW, Head Butler.

“I am taking a moment to comment on the training program that was presented here. Having seen the results over the last five months of the training by Mr. Steven Ferry at our property, we have come to appreciate even more the excellent butler-service training program that he presented with his unique training style to our team. We feel that Mr. Ferry’s ability to infuse an English style of service sensibility into our group of butlers and supporting staff has given us an edge on the competition. Butler service at our Resort and Spa has proven to be successful in terms of occupancy, repeat business and popularity among guests and we expect to expand the service to additional units of the property in the near future. Thank you to you and your organization for working with us on this successful training project and helping bring about the results we had anticipated.”

Director of Lodging, US Resort.

“We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for our recent training program. It was a pleasure to have you with us and a great opportunity for us to learn from the best! This training will really allow us to expand our butler service and to offer this option to more guests. We have had many positive comments from both guests and our team already, showing that the training is being put to good use. I heard ‘through the grape vine’ that you also conducted a fantastic training in the Turnberry recently. Thank you again for all your time and effort, we look forward to working with you again.”

MS – Guest Relations Manager, JA – Front of the House Manager, Mandarin Oriental.

“The trainers spent a very productive six weeks with us here at Reethi Rah, sharing their valuable tips and experience and teaching everything from the basics of what a butler does to the more complex details and the hard-to-achieve soft skills of how to be a more effective butler. The trainers also provided suggestions on how we could improve on the services we already provide, as well as add further service for our guests.  On behalf of the entire team, thank you for a most informative program.”

Training & Quality Assurance Manager, O&O Maldives.

“The butlers gained both knowledge and confidence in the short time they were able to spend with you. Please be assured I have recommended we use your services in the future.”

CB, General Manager, Maldives (after a 2-day seminar).

“Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom and experience. Your personal example and attitude are among the strongest tools to demonstrate the meaning of a butler concept. You were also able to create a team out of us, which is half the battle won. I wish we could spend more time together so we can learn more from you. I look forward to future adventures in the butler profession as well as refresher sessions.”

F&B Service Manager, Grand Mauritian, Mauritius.