Placement Assistance

From time to time, employers ask the Institute to assist in finding personnel for their households and estates, or butlers for hospitality venues. We are not an agency, but have endeavored to find the right matches for employers we can endorse.

If you are a service professional, whether in the private service or hospitality industry, and are looking for a new position, please email  enquiries at with your resume/CV, including a professional photograph and a clear statement of your objectives.

In your email, please include the following information:

  • What type of position are you looking for?
  • Are you willing to move to a different location?
  • Are you willing to travel?
  • When are you available?
  • What remuneration package, including salary, are you seeking?

You will be contacted by one of the Institute’s staff members to clarify any points and questions we may have, so as to ensure we have a clear picture of exactly what you are looking for before we add you to our database. This will help us find that “perfect match” we all aim for.

“I am completing staff appraisals for the year and thought of you and the time I started here … in June of last year. It was thanks to you that I found this position as Chief of Staff in a very challenging and interesting role. I don’t do my own appraisal, although I guess after 1.5 years on the job I must be doing fine, otherwise I wouldn’t be here still.”

Whenever a job opportunity arises that we think may be a fit, we will contact you directly to enquire as to your interest and current availability. See below for any current opportunities:

Butler/Household Manager sought for a private estate north of Tucson, Arizona

Live-out position that requires hands-on household management and people skills as well as good cooking abilities. Estate currently consists of one 13,500 sq ft residence in Tucson and a second, 6500 sq ft mountain home in the Flagstaff area. You will perform PA duties to the Mrs., oversee everything in the house, assist housekeepers when needed, help look after 2 Labradors; you must be able to service children and grandchildren who visit occasionally, help organize and serve at regular parties and events, including corporate dinners (the Mr. runs his several companies from the estate); manage the full time groundskeeper, part- and full-time housekeepers, as well as all vendors. You will do do some cooking and assist the principal in the kitchen on a regular basis. Shopping and running errands as needed and occasionally you’ll be asked to drive principals to/from airport. 40 hours a week approx, flexible hours; but you’ll rarely work holidays. Good remuneration package starting at $80,000 or higher depending on experience, plus housing allowance, medical, 401K. If you’d like to be considered, send us your current resume with photo and salary requirements, and we will send you a more detailed Job Description.

As an additional service to our members and visitors, we profile international members who are interested in new opportunities.

If you are looking for a position in private service or in the hospitality industry, we recommend you list yourself on the Member Profiles page. Please email enquiries at with a professional photograph of yourself as well as a biography that is formatted similarly to the ones you see on the Member Profiles page.

We will connect you with employers who may be interested and facilitate the process between you.

To assist you with the process of marketing yourself as a service professional, we recommend you read the following articles to understand better how to deal effectively with agencies and the process of finding a suitable position.


“You were recommended to me through a friend as by far and away the best recruiter he has ever used.”

“Thank you very much for all you did for us in procuring our next positions— we would not be moving forward without all those patient talks we had to bring us through the interview process. You are very professional in your approach, which helped to smooth our nervousness and jitters—we appreciate your persistence with us all the way to the end. Thank you.”

“Thank you for placing us in an awesome position. Your expertise has been so helpful to us in getting our DREAM JOB. We appreciate all your professional guidance and expertise in explaining the domestic world, interviewing, presentation, and helpful hints. We highly recommend your skills as you give people comfort and confidence in themselves. We feel you have done a wonderful job in placing us and will recommend your services every chance we get.”