Emotional Engagement—A Mantra in Search of a Technology

Emotional Engagement—A Mantra in Search of a Technology Credit Emotional engagement is one of those hot subjects that most have heard of but very few can actually define. What is it exactly? As with any subject, a keen observation of … Continue reading

Constant Creativity & Enthusiasm In the Drive to Exceed One’s Own Lofty Expectations

Four- and five-star hotels and resorts around the world number in the hundreds, catering to different markets/publics with different needs and wants. The imperative to make the guest experience so memorable that the guests become repeaters and ambassadors, occupancy runs … Continue reading

Would You like Your Service Today Live or Programmed, Madam?

Would You like Your Service Today Live or Programmed, Madam? During the 1990’s, I interviewed several futurists for various issues of Government Technologies magazine: amongst other predictions, they anticipated the omnipresence of robots in the workforce. In 2001 (unrelated to … Continue reading

Love and The New Age of Service

Much attention has been placed by training departments of luxury hotels and resorts on bringing new hires up to the required standard of superior service. This is no small challenge in some areas, given the lack of familiarity of the … Continue reading


Creativity & Passion, Keys to Wowing and Returning Guests

Training at five-star resorts around the world offers a window seat into the more-refined sector of creativity and the achievements of those who are constantly striving to enthrall guests—guests with ever-rising expectations driven largely by access to an ever-expanding field … Continue reading

Mr. Bicycle and Other Challenges

“What do you suggest?” asked the GM of a luxury resort over lunch, recently. “A guest is insisting we track down the guest who ‘stole’ his bicycle and have him apologize in person.” The resort gives bicycles without charge to … Continue reading

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Keeping (and Attracting) Your Better Employees

 Here are some fresh ideas and politically incorrect suggestions on the biggest expense (and loss) for hoteliers: personnel and their penchant for quitting every 18 months or so. Perceptions and expectations have changed over the last couple of decades: loyalty … Continue reading


Slaying Oxymoronos Maximus, the Great Dragon of Cheap Imitation in the Luxury Market

When it comes to luxury, nobody is under the misapprehension that a Ford, as good as it is in its context, can be passed off as a car that would cost $100,000 because it is built of the finest materials … Continue reading


Creative Strategies for Maintaining Training Quality without Busting the Budget

Since the publication early last year of The Butler is here to Stay, but will the Guests be Happy Driving Fords?, a noticeable trend has been observable in the hospitality industry toward the serious training of butlers and the establishment … Continue reading